I'm Impressed!

Is he really faster than before injury?
Has he shared his rehab plan with Jamo & Okwara?


I think the mental side of recovery has to be almost as hard as the physical side. Getting drafted so high expectations were that he would walk right in and blow up the league. He didn’t, and even though he has healed he’s going to need time, probably lot’s of time, to find his ceiling. You can tell him to ignore the critic’s, but how do you not take notice of what people write and say about you esp on a national stage? Good for him for putting in the work, we really need him to be all he can be out there.


I heard Okwara had a set-back. When my father had a “setback” with this injury it meant another operation. While they have come a long way, things sometimes go wrong. It accounts for the delay and their silence. I feel for him. It is a very tough injury.


He may have. Unless we need him for our late season playoff push–yes, I said that–keep him on PUP and have him ready for 2023. That’s my sense without any medical knowledge about Romeo’s injury.


I agree with mental i had knee operated on an finally got back to work. I was still moving on egg shells just couldn’t really relax . Was winter an was at work an was carrying something an stepped in melted snow that had ice under water an i went up in the air.

I though here we go again an landed in ice water kinds sat for second then moved leg an i could straighten it an no pain carefully got up an moved slow an then just moved was 100% .

Never looked back best thing for me was mentally was the fall. Don’t recommend that but helped me forget about knee mentally.


He probably times faster because hand times are often as much as two tenths faster than electric times. So do not put much stock into that.

Straight line speed is not the concern anyways. It’s when he has to cut and back peddle. Achilles injuries effect your mobility and ability to make sharp cuts. When he starts doing that on a regular basis is when we will know if he’s fully recovered or not.

Before then it’s all just static noise.


It’s also possible he actually is faster because of the rehab he had to go through. I’m sure it’s more intense and specialized than just regular workouts. He’s probably been training specific areas that he wouldn’t normally work on. Similar to pitchers that throw harder after tommy John surgery.

What did you hear!? I didn’t see anything about that.

What setback did Okwara have? Last I read he just yesterday rejoined the team for practice


Hoping he has a great year!

Starting with Philly!!


The setback I had heard about was a while ago, so I would not be surprised if he is back, but (if true) it explains why he’s behind some of the others with the same injury. I hope he gets up to full speed soon!

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Julian rejoined the team for practice yesterday. Romeo’s comeback from his Achilles tendon injury is still shrouded with mystery and no time table.

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ahh, I’m talking about Romeo.

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ahhh sorry. wrong Okwara

Agreed. I think Okudah is mentally devastated. I think we forget that these guys are kids. He’s starting his 3rd season in professional sports and he’s 23, man.

First year, he came in “the chosen one.” Busted.
Second year, he was the comeback kid. Busted.
Now, he’s a cautionary tale waiting to be told.

Those are TWO mighty falls from grace. The coaches didn’t even talk up Okudah this pre-season (btw, can we get Aubrey Pleasant out of the witness protection program? Where has he been this pre-season? Anyone spot him?)

He visited O True Apothecary and is now being suspended 6 games for PEDs.

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This is what people mean when they say “there is only so much oxygen in the room.” There are alot of characters on this team that suck the oxygen out of the room before you get to Pleasant.

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Said “hard on” twice in that article.

Love who Okudah is, and I’d love for him to succeed, not only because he’s a Lion, but also because of who he is as a man. Love the guy. Go get that shit, El Jeffe!!!

Are we talking Romeo or Julian with regards to the setback? I am assuming Romeo.

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