I'm rooting for... the Bears tonight?

Ok… ok… hear me out.

I am as happy as the next guy to see the sweet tears of the Bears (and their fans). And I know they are in our division.

But they have looked ROUGH. And it doesn’t seem like they will make a lot of real noise this year. As a result, I think to the future.

Let’s say they win 5 games somehow. That lowers the quality of their draft picks, and makes it less likely that the whole coaching staff and front office get broomed. Personally, I’m very happy with their current leadership team of Poles and Eberflus. I love me some Luke Getsy as their OC. Why would I want them to leave?

So I am rooting for the Bears tonight. It hurts a little, but it’s kind of like a polio vaccine. Hurts a bit now, makes the future better. Anyone with me on this confusing and slightly wrong-feeling train?


The Bears are pretty irrelevant right now. It would not hurt my feeling one bit if they won this game as they are not going to challenge us for the division this season. I’d prefer them to win a few as well to get them out of the running for Caleb. Even if they somehow decided to stick with Fields, they would get a massive haul for that pick.

That’s probably the greater good.

The Commanders winning may eventually knock Seattle down a peg in the wild card race:

Good point by OP… and the Bears obviously will have the Panthers 1st round pick… which will be the #1 OA slot after they drop to 0-5 this weekend. :sunglasses:

Eberflus is Marinelli without the pad level mantra. I too want to Chicago to win a few games other than against us, so tonight would be fine.

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I prefer to get thru the season a little longer before feeling too comfortable. If the Bears hit 0-7 or so then I’d feel a little better about them getting a win.

Their offense looked pretty good last week albeit against Denver. Don’t want Fields & Co to gain any momentum.

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Shaun Rogers was the best defensive player Marinelli had, but he couldn’t get his pads low enough so they traded him away. Genius move, quickly became the worst defense in the nfl without Rogers.

This whole thing is just foreign to me. I remember us having this discussion a couple weeks ago with the Minny game.

This team has been so bad we’ve always focused solely on the destruction of the division when they play other teams.

Now this team has the potential to be so good, we’re weighing division rivals vs. other NFC teams based how it might affect seeding come tournament time.


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I’m rooting for Washington. Washington plays the Bears, then Atlanta and then the Giants before playing Philly. A 5-2 Washington going into the Philly game might actually feel they can beat them.

Losing to the Bears would probably crush Washington’s psyche.

Meh, I’m in the Bears corner just to ■■■■ with their draft pick order.

Lions will do what they are supposed to do, they have the staff and talent to make it happen. Bears will not impact the Lions winning the North.

Just read that Dick Butkus has passed at 80. Tonights game H or A?

Damn, that sucks.
Hell of a player, his SM account has been solid the last year or two.

I’d like to da’ Bears,
win it for the big Dick!

Washington beat them last year when Philly was 10-0…
and took them to OT last week.

I don’t think a win over the Bears is needed to boost their confidence… :man_shrugging:

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And didn’t he treat Bodden like a rookie who needed to earn it?

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But a loss to the Bears could be devastating.