I'm screwed , Fantasy Football and the team I'm facing had Lamar Jackson go off.... Advice

Lamar Jackson just put up 46 Fantasy points on Thursday Night Football…

Advice …Do I start P. Mahomes vs Denver or B.Mayfield vs Arizona ? I have Tyreek HIll and OBJ , I was planning on sitting OBJ and starting Emanuel Sanders but with Lamar Jackson going off I need a huge day to happen so I have to start the combo . Nobody gives up better fantasy numbers than Arizona does but Mahomes could be Mahomes against Denver and light it up …I can not have mediocre here or okay …I need a huge day . For the record this is a $500.00 in 10 Team PPR league and a lot of coin to be won next week If I can get to it

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Stock up on ky?


Yeah I’m fucked here …but the rest of his team is not stellar . I have a chance if I can get 30 FP from one of my QB’s

You can’t bench Mahomes, just can’t, cuz he could go off then you’ll be really pissed lol!

Man this Lamar Jackson has far exceeded anything I thought he would do in the NFL!

Props to him I’ll gladly eat crow on that one!

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Denver is stingy though , they did give up 30 and 32 to Watson and Cousins over the last 3 weeks but prior to that 20 was the most they allowed in Fantasy points to a QB .

Lamar Jackson, I took a lot of heat for saying he would be the best QB in the 2018 draft if and only if he went to the right team and could sit and learn for a year and have an offense tailored around him and his strengths not try to turn him into something he was not . He would have to go to a team that would be stable, a HC that would be allowed to groom him and implement that type of Offense … New England , Baltimore or the Steelers in that order .
Lamar Jackson is a special talent that would look rather ordinary and down right awful if the system was not tailored to him . He would be horrible in any offense predicated on deep down field throws while being forced to stay in the pocket .

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That’s only because Mahomes got hurt the last time they played. Pat was 10 of 11 passing for 76 yards and a TD before Matt Moore had to come in. The Chiefs still put up 30 points on Denver.

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I had the same thing happen to me, first round of the playoffs. very excited.

Pick up Jameis Winston if he is available. The guy is going to throw for 5 TDs this Sunday.

Start Mahomes. Your best chance at winning is the chiefs putting up air raid style numbers.

Did you pick up Winston?

I think Winston racked up 40 points in fantasy or somewhere around there.

J.Winston was on a roster. I went with Mayfield over Mahomes when I saw the weather pregame …
Mahomes out pointed Mayfield by 7 points …I lost by by 18 they had L.Jackson, Barkley, Chubb and the NE Defense go for 46,30,23 & 19 points …
My opponent scored 27 more points than they had scored all year long in any week…
I tied for best record in the league so I played for free …and retained my $500 entry fee…our 3rd and 4th seed are playing for the Championship …