I'm still proud of them, whatever

I never thought we were even gonna be here

Even though the loss stings, I still think this is the start of something good

Need to draft some d tho


I agree. What they’ve accomplished this season is already more than I expected. (6 wins).

However, if this team wants to take the next step, they need a defense and someone capable of leading them. AG ain’t it. Otherwise, I see them being around .500 forever because of AG’s inability to be even an average coordinator.


I agree and good teams dont get blown out and manhandled like this


The team has done more this year than i ever expected. They’ve been inconsistent at times, but the offense has been solid overall. The defense needs playmakers, speed, just more talent. Much of our defense would be other teams backups. I’ve seem a great deal of growth this year. A good draft and free agency and next year will be playoffs.


I agree but im so tired of talking about next year …every year

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But gotta admit, this one feels different!


Bengals got blown out by the Browns
49ers got blown out by the Falcons
Cowboys got blown out by the Bucs
Dolphins have been blown out multiple times
Vikings have been blown out multiple times

These things happen in the NFL. Sometime you run into a team that has everything working.


It was to Sam Darnold and is a pitiful Panthers team that got rocked by Mitch ■■■■■■■ Trubisky.

The 6-1 start matters little if these guys regress.

Let’s see how they respond next week. If they don’t, that optimism will have been sunk.


In fairness we just did to the Jags what the Panthers did to us.

These thing happen, unfortunately when you start 1-6 you don’t have any room for error.


Future looks bright, but we just got jailsexed by a team that fired their HC after 5 games🤷‍♂️

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Uh slight correction 1-6 start then 6-1 and I would say the 6-1 is huge no matter what happened today.

Need some more talent on defense and a RB.
I’m also curious if Ragnow playing with the turf toe all season is finally catching up to him, happened in game one or two iirc.


And traded starting reciever and one of best rbs in league…on top of that we gave up more yards in a half on the ground than anyone…that they told us they would do…what we knew they would do …

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Agree Nate, this season will all be judged on how they rebound from this game. The mid season run put us in an unfamiliar spot and I honestly think that we have played not to lose rather then to win the last two weeks.

Worked for us last week but we’ll today was other side of that coin. We need to respond, play loose and fast and go media quiet for rest of season.

We have a chance to really change the SOL narrative with how we respond!

They digged themselfs too big of a hole early on. Their defense needs reinforcements.

However it was a nice run they went on. They have a lot of talent throughout the team and they are the youngest team in the league.

Looking forward to next year. Even if they somehow make the playoffs they are not going anywhere. The defense is too much of a liability.


I feel next 2 weeks we will see a steady run game against us and get asses beat…its a copycat league and they got exposed today…

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But there is more of a familiarity with the Bears and Packs…we will give up some chunk plays but neither team has the trenches the Panthers have

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Win 3, loss, Win 3, Loss

Looks like we are due to win the next 3 (which means a playoff win !!).


It was by far the worst loss by this lions team this year. After the early slate of games the lions now have 8 losses, 5 to teams over 500 (bills, miami, vikings, eagles, and dallas) and 3 to teams that have losing records (seattle, ne, and now carolina). Before today all of our losses were to teams at or above 500. This is the first time where they had that opportunity on paper to take over a game and impose their will to get in the playoffs (at least for this week) and they failed. It sucks but again they are young and the assets we have to improve the roster next year and the guy we have picking the players give me plenty of hope.


Yep, its hard to win in the NFL. It’s not like this team has the guns to win every game. They’ve been hot but they were due to have a bad game.
I’m still proud of them.


That’s not necessarily true. Unless you don’t think the division winning Vikings are a good team. Or the division winning Green Bay packers at least once every year prior to this weren’t a good team or the super bowl winning Bucs or even the super bowl winning la rams last year……