Imagine a world where

… the Lions fired Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia at the end of the 2019 season, which would have been perfectly justified…

… started the blowup rebuild then and Stafford also wanted to move on, just as he does now …

… and the Lions used the 3rd overall pick for Justin Herbert?

This franchise. Always a day late and a dollar short.


Taking Herbert over Tua would have made fans lose their minds. If the current trajectory continues, people are going to slowly forget how “Team Tua” this board and boards across the internet were. But if Tua turns it around and starts lighting it up, the same people will remember with perfect clarity how much they were “Team Tua.”

Funny how that works.


I’ve thought of this numerous times over the past 12 months. It is what it is now, but Sheila and her mother hosted a press conference because they felt their decision to stay the course was right, albeit unpopular. Yea well it was unpopular because we all knew it was incredibly dumb to stay the course. Even more dumb to essentially give the ultimatum knowing Quinn and Patricia would make whatever moves they felt necessary to win now to save their jobs. The Lions had the #3 overall pick in the draft last year. Of course they couldn’t trade down because ownership went on record to the press that they wanted a “win now” season. Ugh, that move was awful. It seemed awful in real time, but looking at it with hindsight it’s even more awful.


The hip thing was always a nagging question.

And for the sake of argument, imagine Brad Holmes, or whoever it would have been last season, saw the same things in Herbert that the Chargers saw.

They were perfectly content to not move, because they wanted Herbert.

Definitely didn’t want Tua, I thought Herbert looked promising but also wouldn’t have drafted him because of the last Oregon QB we drafted. Dumb I know, but it’s how I felt

I believe if they fired them in 2019, Stafford would still be here because this message board could have made better decisions than Quinn did that off-season.

Just mediocre GMing and Coaching gets this team to .500 and a playoff spot in 2020.

I was pro Tua. I will admit it. I still think he’ll be a good QB if healthy. Mark Brunel was always my comp. I think a dome would help him though.

Yup. Can lump all sorts of coaches into that too. McVay, Shannahan, Vrabel etc…hell imagine if we gave up a season earlier on Schwartz. Andy Reid could potentially be here with Pat Mahomes. Only if…

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That is why you don’t dismiss a player based on what school they played at. Way too narrow minded. It goes way deeper than that. Air2TheThrown is trying to say not to draft a Big 10 QB ever in another thread. Again, way too narrow minded. Not a good angle to take.

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Yep. Lots of people on here trying to play connect the dots with coaches and players. Now we have people suggesting not to draft a QB because of their conference. It’s a lazy approach


Perhaps Trey Lance or Zach Wilson could be as good as herbert.

Every year seems to produce a solid qb or two now.

Busts as well, but maybe holmes can get a good one.

I was fine with either…they both would have benefited tremendously sitting their rookie year…And you write off Tua so soon, but not Stafford? Funny how that works…I believe his QB rating was in the 90’s…Where was Stafford’s his rookie year?

Lols he never understand that one. Lols

Or amagine a world were the ford’s didn’t listen to fans and keep Caldwell and had a GM that actually tryed to help him. We would have been a playoff team.

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You might be saying the same thing that I’ve thought for a while. If you have Matt Stafford at QB and you can’t at least get to .500, there is a problem.

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Patricia had a quarterback playing lights out and was 3-4-1.

I’m still pissed people argued with me that was progress and building toward something

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Lol tua was mostly the consensus pick over Herbert by a vast majority of people. Try again.

Yeah even the year before it’s was tank for Tua.

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When you draft that high in the draft you need to strongly consider taking a QB at #3. I think this is where SFH and Wood’s inexperience hampered us. And if we had someone that had worked on an NFL team or other sports teams for years before taking the job as President of the Detroit Lions, he would have known that 2020 was the year for a change instead of giving Quinn/Patricia another year. A new GM would have probably taken a QB at #3. :man_shrugging:

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It actually has more to do with the types of offenses that certain programs run. Hawaii QBs put up monster numbers for years…yet never amounted to shit in the NFL. Joey Harrington looked like a legit QB coming out of Oregon and look what he amounted to, same goes with Mariota.