In an alternate world

Here is what the Pollyannas would be saying after a Lions loss…

We lost our best defensive player for most of the 2nd half!

We were playing a Super Bowl contender!

We played in one of the most hostile environments in the league! Those guys boo Santa Claus!

We just had some bad luck plays. Clean those up and we would have won!

And guess what? Those all would have been SOL fan excuses for a loss.

But also guess what? In the real world, the Lions won and are undefeated, heading into what will probably be the biggest game in the NFL next week.

So maybe all the Debbie Downer’s can put a pause on their numerous “red flags” and enjoy the W. How 'bout it?


Sure, probably not.

Go Lions!

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I agree, most definitely not. No one nationally is going to give us any credit for 2-0-1.

I don’t even think this is a big game for us. We have virtually no chance to win, even with playing better football. We play next week with house money.

The Chiefs are already -7 on the line.

I actually enjoy reading the negative posts after a Lions win. I also understand the sentiment coming from long suffering Lions fans. We’ve been conditioned.

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Nothing negative about it.
The Chiefs vs. Lions is not going to be the biggest game of the week next week.
Do you truly believe that anyone other than Lions fans (and even many of them don’t) actually believe in this team? Do you think hardly anyone outside of Lion fans are getting excited about the matchup next week? Detroit doesn’t have any marquee players to get people excited.
And you think the national media is going to get excited about the Chiefs vs. Lions next week?

I think this might just be a semantic issue. All I am saying is that two undefeated teams, Fox showcasing the league’s biggest superstar. That is what will make it big. Get ready for Joe Buck, he’s coming.

Well, i respect your opinion, but I don’t see the national media getting excited about the matchup. I think a Rodgers-Mahomes matchup would get the national media about as excited as they can get. Lions-Chiefs, Stafford-Mahomes just doesn’t have much of an appeal to most fans. Let’s face it, most of the hype is about the QB matchup. And Mahomes deserves every accolade that he has been given.
I think Lions fans are excited by it, and if the Lions can keep the game close, it might help to validate the team in many people’s eyes. But if the game is 45-10, well, then the posters calling the team a fraud or SOLs will be out.

I will surmise that if somehow the Lions defeat the undefeated Chiefs next week, there will begin to be some national attention… which will quickly dissipate if the Lions lose to GB and the Vikes.

don’t care, we beat the Chiefs and I’ll be VERY happy !! We have already beaten GB many times and even in Lambeau , The Queens shrug take that game when it comes. KC is on the Menu now and we better have our shit together !

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The Chiefs can only beat us 45-10 if the game is in England.:upside_down_face:

That was our first Cooter if I’m not mistaken.

I like Bevell but it’s a big step down dirty pun wise.

wow…that’s actually being pretty nice to us.