In answer to the DieHard thread, Im gonna leave this right here

Tight as Hellllllllooo to the return of the Black Jerseys!

Bring em back???

  • Hell Yeah!
  • Of Course!
  • I hate fashion and wet my pants over breaking “tradition”

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Please get us some Matte black like the Jets helmets tonight.

These would bee alternate jerseys (worn twice/year, I think), and they look SO much better than our grey pajamas we are using now.


Seriously? You bring up Did Hard and uniforms and the third choice wasn’t “I could talk about industrialization and men’s fashion all day, but work must intrude.” Wasted opportunity.


Absolutely correct.

I’d edit my 3rd choice now to your much better option, but the tiny shred of conscience I have left after a couple Glenmorangie glasses and a strong cranberry mule has won…


I don’t care what anyone else thinks, those black jerseys were top notch. Perfect for the black and blue division.


ugly, wannabe cool, poser jerseys. Same with the all gray ones.


the black jerseys belong in the same landfill where atari hid their e.t. games

also, playing barbie dolls with your football players…kinda gay

not that there's anything wrong with that seinfeld GIF by myLAB Box

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Didnt Millen bring in the black jerseys… that was the worst era in lions history. It brings back emotional trauma so i say no way

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Misogyny and homophobia are terrible personality traits as well!!!


still not as bad as the black unis tho

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just as long as we quit using the color rush unis. the gray reminds me of prison uniforms or pjs.


Way better than the black, which evokes emotional trauma and Arena Football League.

These were the best jerseys on the planet.


Is it just me, or are our current set of uniforms growing on me?

I used to think they were just the worst uniforms in the history of football, but now I actually wouldn’t mind it if they kept them longer term.

Why, you ask?

Because they can make THOSE black alternate jerseys :fire: :fire: :fire:

And either way we need to get rid of the stupid grey jerseys. Those suck.


I like our current assortment. If I were going to remove one of the color options to add the black, it’d be the all-whites.

Our color-rush steel gray jerseys are fine. I seriously don’t get the responses to it, but I do recognize that there are a number of people that don’t like them.

I’ll be “that guy”…
If I never see another game with the Lions dressed in their throwbacks, I’d be OK with it. There are far more hideous throw-backs out there (looking at you steelers), but ours are not sharp enough to actually desire them over any of the other colors we have.

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I liked the all white road uniform, but can’t stand the all gray.

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Color rush is the visual equivalent of sexual assault. It needs to stop.

That’s my fondest wish is that the lions go back to those colors but on the 90’s era uniforms. I think that look would be clean and classic.

If the Lions… wait. F That. WHEN the Lions make the Super Bowl, this is the jersey they should wear. It is their championship jersey.