In season practices...?

In season practices, do the 1’s go up against the 1’s? If we take Davis 2OA I’d love to see Ragnow tune up Davis. Now I think Ragnow is the real deal. I’ve seen him pancake a DT. (was it the Vikings game?)

But as good as Ragnow is I don’t see him pancaking Ragnow. Even if Thibs and Hutch have solid careers, I think Davis would be the better pic - love the idea of having a player like him man in the middle for the next 10-12 years.

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A Jerry Ball type guy would sure fit!


I think Ball was quicker in initial explosion, but the size of this dude, and his high end power is off the charts. Loved Ball. I think he could work out like that…possibly even better, but likely in very different ways…I want to see him batting balls down and shutting down the passing lanes over the middle.

Dude could cause offenses to dramatically alter their game plans. There is no way to properly prep for a dude like that…6 ft 7 with long arms…it’s just gonna look different to QBs when you get in the game…like a cage fighter prepping to fight Chuck Liddell…those punches are just awkward and coming from strange angles with more power than you are expecting, and ppl are surprised by it. No possible way to properly train for that fight. Davis brings that phenomena to a football game.

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