In the shadow of Lambeau Field


Is that a Lions flag? I notice it’s inside the garage, and I bet the garage door goes down shortly. I know it ain’t one of us, right? Cuz we’d be flyin’ that sucker high and proud on a 30 foot flagpole, right under Old Glory, true?

Welp, it’s almost time to put up or shut up. Contenders or pretenders? 7 hours to go, about.


I love this! I agree, find out what is the biggest flag you can legally have…then…go do that!

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The people that have houses in close proximity to Lambeau like this one, make some nice money renting out their lawns for parking lots. Not sure how much, but has to be some decent $$$.


That’s how it is in Tampa’s stadium. GB looks like a much safer neighborhood though.

I have a buddy just a few blocks from Lambeau… Diehard Lions fan and ain’t afraid to show it!!!

Nice to see he’s not the only one!

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My 1st thought on seeing that pic was “Where do the fans park?”.

We got a spot reserved in someone’s yard… Some make over a grand on game days.

@Wiseacres where you sitting?