In The Year 2025, If Goff Is Still Alive...And Franchise Tagged

This year the QB tag was $32.5M. Let’s say it’s $40M in 2025. Let’s say the Lions choose to tag Goff for whatever reason, though at the moment that reason could be ______ ______.

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Is this insane? Would Goff shrivel? Tell me why this is cra-cray or could be a viable maneuver for the Lions.

He already makes the current tag figure you put up there. So $40M is just an incremental increase from that.

It’s a moot point. They’re working on a deal now.
If he’s not signed by then, it’s a safe bet he will be moving on.

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I thought this thread was going to end in “And Matthew Stafford is available” and I got excited and exhausted all at the same time before realizing “Well, it’s May …” before realizing that wasn’t what the thread was about.

And then I was disappointed.

Anyway, what was the scenario?

Oh yeah, I’d sign Stafford if Goff was demanding the world and hadn’t won anything meaningful.

Glad we got that out of the way.

I think the Lions would opt for the Hooker they know

Why score TDs when you can score STDs?


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Someone say Stafford?
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