Inside the locker room: Vikings QB Kirk Cousins gives props to red-hot Lions


He’s not wrong.

The Lions are playing pretty good football but Cousins still had a huge game too. That tells you just how much work our secondary needs improvement.

We must add some talent to our secondary this year and if I were Holmes I’d spend more than one pick back there.

A CB, NB and S wouldn’t be out of the possibilities.


I agree. Gimmie Emmanuel Forbes!

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Holmes will build the trenches first.
Hutch/Alim/Carter will be the best defensive backs on our team. :wink:


Brian Branch is my favorite DB for us. I’d still draft an outside guy too but there’s a lot more of those this year than the nickel/S types. And there’s a ton of promising outside CBs.

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I’m hoping the Rams lose out. If they do we are likely still picking top 3. I really want #2 though because it opens up trade down possibilities as well, but it’s tough to see the Bears winning another game.

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Bears are going to trade up for a QB. HAHAHAHA!
I love the idea of trade back & still get our guy

Me too …. I’d take him with our second first rounder without hesitation.

He’s one of the players I really want us to land this year.


Yeah I regularly grab him there on the simulators ahead of all the outside guys available.

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I agree secondary needs help. I’d like to see multiple picks used. I don’t think you can assume walker will be okay. He most likely will be but can’t assume it. I prefer Ringo. Bigger and is a better in man to man coverage guy with the ability to cover slots and tight ends.


While i 10000% agree with you, okudah and harris being healthy would have been better than watching ao running in circles trying to cover air


That’s my feelings.

I’m leaning towards Carter at 1OA - wouldn’t be opposed to Anderson. But I think we need a DT badly.

Then going Branch. I feel Branch helps us at NB and S.

Then grabbing another outside CB at some point.

I would like to see us take another WR at some point and a OG too.


Ya, I’ll be honest, I’ve not paid much attention to branch….so I’ll take your word on him. Carter all day for me as well. I’d be 100% fine w all defense. Now, personally, I’d love to take a mid round running back……I get the committee thing and a good line makes anyone look good….but I’d love to get a difference maker as a final piece to this offense…that’s not a 3rd down back who is at times fragile.

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I’d love it if we came away with Branch. He’s a dawg in every sense of the word. Top athlete too. Would open up a lot of flex options in coverage.

With the stellar play of Jerry Jacobs, a boundary corner is less of a need. Agree- grab Branch the nickel safety with our own pick, then use top pick in round 2 to grab that outside developmental guy.

I think this class is so deep you could even wait until the Vikings pick or our own 3rd rounder to grab a guy like Kyu Blu Kelly or Abrams-Draine. I also think Micah Abraham (Donnie’s son) is gonna rise into that range come draft day.

Injuries and development

Sure there’s depth guys and lions were down Dbs
But if the starters are hurt or sick
How good do you expect the depth guys to be ?

Then there’s
Jefferson might be one of best on league and while lions fans typically hate on cousins
He’s shown to be pretty good too.

…or plays like he’s in a bad Hallmark movie where he’s secretly dealing with bad home situation?

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Through the Sunday night games, the Lions were 31st in defense (the Vikings were 32nd).

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Much, much prefer drafting a domating DT or DE, or rush LB with our first pick or two.

A great pass rush inherently makes your DBs much better. It’s a win/win.

We’ve already used draft capital on Okudah, Iffy, Kirby.

Maybe sign a solid FA, or let Brad works his magic with a later pick. Not a fan of a 1st round db this year.

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