IOWA vs Michigan, players to watch

I’ll take the IOWA perspective, this is about watching players who are eligible for the 2022 draft. The only “generational” talent in this years draft is probably Tyler Linderbaum. Unfortunately we don’t need a center, too bad because he’s the real deal. Sam Laporta, TE, solid player who would have much better stats but plays on a team with below average QB play. RB Tyler Goodson, has over 1,100 yards rushing. Not a bad receiver out of the backfield but Brian Ferentz’s offense rarely throws to him. Charlie Jones WR and return man. Took one 100 yards vs Illinois, his WR numbers are also a victim of Ferentz O. DB Riley Moss, 4 int’s and 5 passes defended, part of an IOWA secondary that has victimized opponents all year long. DB Matt Hankins, 3 int’s and 5 pd’s. Dane Belton also had 5 int’s and 7 PD’s, these guys were fantastic this year.

The most interesting player for IOWA that is someone that we could use right now is Caleb Shudak, PK. 18-19 under 49 yards and 4-6 over 50 yards. He has been money all season. Rarely in favor of drafting special team players but considering need and other late pick options, I would seriously consider using a late pick.

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I won’t bother watching for a TE…
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Your place kicker is an assassin. I’d fully support the Lions using a day three pick on him.

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Fantastic job tagging this topic correctly. Everyone, take notes.


David Ojabo really intrigues me.


Yep, 4-4 vs you guys including a 51 yarder. He also hasn’t missed an extra point.

Michigan is a 10 1/2 point favorite for anyone that’s interested.

Love Kicker assassins
Fox and _____.

Lets do this

So, outside of the DE’s what Michigan players should be draft options for the Lions? Who are you guys watching today?

Daxton Hill will test well at the combine and probably have some team draft him higher than he should be. If he falls to 3rd I would consider it.

I think Josh Ross could be a good UDFA for us if he doesn’t get drafted.

Shudak is the real deal. From my hometown.

OP sums it up pretty well.

Dax is projected to go end of 1st round to middle of 2nd, probably somewhere in the middle.

8 PM on FOX

This is the kind of game the Lions would blow. Let’s hope Harbaugh can make a statement today.

I can’t believe this thread has gone on this long and none has mentioned Hassan Haskins. Haskins is that guy that if he was eating at a Dennys and you robbed it and took everyones wallet, his would be the one that said “Bad MotherF-erk”.


Maybe when it gets closer to game time. As an IOWA fan I already know who I’ll be watching, but I really haven’t followed Michigan so much so I was hoping some of their fans might speak up.

I’ve seen both teams in person this year.

Michigan is the better all around team.

Haskins had the best run I have ever seen against Nebby. That hurdle was incredible. I don’t know how he translates to the NFL.

Iowa has a good D but the offense just can’t hang.

This game will be closer than the spread but UM will take it.


I think the safe bet may be the under.

Blake Corum is gonna be a good pro

Havent watched individually UM OL…but there’s gotta be draftable guys in there the way they manhandled OSU.

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Took 3 leg Parlay

ML (moneyline)

Other bets:

Waiting to make an in-game bet during the UM game as I think UM may start slow from being so hyped up from OSU game…might see some more favorable odds and alternate spreads, especially if Iowa goes ahead 3-0. I personally usually always bet alternate spread and total. I risk more but the odds are in my favor and less susceptible to games being fixed and made close to the most bet on spreads and totals by officials, coaches and players.

There’s a reason Vegas spreads are close every game. Same with the totals…especially the NFL. NFL is way more fixed than college.