IOWA women 3 peat

Down by 7 with 2 minutes to go. It was a helluva day in Minneapolis.


Catlin Clarke is pretty awesome. She has that must watch feel similar to what Curry had when he first started breaking out in the nba.

Much needed for women’s basketball.

Also, the team in general is pretty fun to watch. It’s not just the Catlin Clarke show.


This count as a left cross or a Holy Cross?

I see why they call her “Power-Cassidy” instead of just “Cassidy”…


Caitlin Clark Canonized As Saint After Performing Miracle Of Making Women’s Basketball Watchable

I think women’s March madness is more entertaining than the men’s right now.


I don’t watch basketball of any kind, but that was a hell of a punch.

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That might have been the worst call I’ve ever seen when you consider time and situation.

Idk… The refs were quick to call fouls all game on both teams. Her elbows were up and her feet were moving. If its a foul in the first quarter than it should be a foul in the fourth quarter.

Great hustle by Gabby who who hustles and plays great defense all game long.


Refs are now ruining ladies basketball… what’s next? If they ruin coed lawn bowling… that may be it for me. A man can only take so much.

They want Clark to keep playing. Iowa was winning no matter what. All about the almighty dollar.

See I think this is completely antithetical to sports and officiating in general. Take the Hail Mary for instance.

I just feel awful for Bueckers who at one point was thought to be the best player in the world at her age. She has a devastating injury and is usurped by others. She’s curling off a screen with her chance at college sports immortality and she doesn’t even get a shot off bc of that.

And it wasn’t by any means egregious. I bet I could go back and find 15 screeens set the exact way that were not called.

I’m really struggling to come up with a worse college basketball call. Just a historically awful officiating decision IMO.

The assumption becomes that somehow the team that was behind was going to win w/o the “bad” call. There were just under 4 sec’s left and IOWA’s D was swarming.

“And it wasn’t by any means egregious. I bet I could go back and find 15 screeens set the exact way that were not called.”

Uh, that’s simply not true. So what is the story line if Paige scores BECAUSE the foul wasn’t called?

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Yet, it was the right call. You can’t change the rules of the game just because there is only 10 seconds left.

Gabby played great defense all game long and held Bueckers to only 17 points. UConn knows this and was desperate to create separation.

If you watch the whole play #3 is following Gabby around and clearly lunges into her with her feet moving. The zoomed in slow motion replay is a bad angle but the live angle is clear.

People claim they want to see great defense but when they witness it they want the rules to favor the offensive.

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Yes it is true. If you want to quibble with the 10-15 number fine. Pick another number. But the underlying point is absolutely true. Moving screens are like holding in football.

In thirty years of watching college basketball I can’t remember seeing a referee make that call at that time with those stakes. Feel free to correct me but I can’t think of a final four game where the ref inserts himself into a final shot of a final four game like that.

And yes Paige may have missed the jump shot. But she deserved that opportunity. Just a brutally tough break. A LOT of people are livid and IMO it is completely justified.

It absolutely was not the right call. Can you find me one single example in which that call was made in a final four game when a shooter was just about to pull up for their jump shot with 2 seconds left? I’ll wait.

For one it is very debatable whether that fits the threshold of a loving screen as it is typically called. It was by no means egregious. A slight lean to her left. Perhaps she is quite not set in time… But time and place absolutely does matter in officiating a sport. It always has and it always will. You can pontificate about the theory that an infraction is an infraction but in reality that is not been how officiating actually works.

Let the players decide the outcome of the game.

IMO ref fell for the defenders acting performance. Her gyration on contact and the flail baited the referee. He made a horrible mistake as a result.

Such a shame.

Quibble? LOL, a lot of people are livid? And had it gone the other way you know what, a lot of people would be livid if she does or doesn’t make it because it was a foul that wasn’t called. Gabby’s head snaps back from the forearm and she is bodied off the play. 9-12 sec mark…

Text book moving screen.

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Go watch the Warrior play. Pay attention to Draymond on pick and roll sets. Moving screens happen all the time. If you don’t believe me just believe the best Women’s College Basketball coach I history.

To make it in that situation is just god awful.

Can you imagine if we just won the NFC championship and then we see a flag on the ground for defensive PI bc of a scrum in the end zone during a Hail Mary?

This was the basketball equivalent of that.

It’s not the merits of the call that has everyone so upset. It’s that the spirit of competition was usurped, that the mores of late second officiating were violated and that a potentially all time great moment was not allowed an opportunity to take flight.

I think this guy knows a bit about ball.

Just some random play in the game

. Look at the bottom right of the screen. Iowa player moving as she obstructs Bueckers path. And by no means am I saying I think this should have been a moving screen. I just find it interesting that the very next play that showed up in a feed of officiating plays (this for the foul call of course) shows just how common it is for screens to be set despite the screener not being set.

Moving screens are endemic in modern basketball. To decide a game of that magnitude on one like that… I just can’t recall seeing it. The foul on Rumeal Robinson is probably the most comparative that I can think of.