Is Chad Kanoff a plant?

I guess I’m Lionized but can’t help but wonder. It just seems too good to be true that Kingsbury told the media today that Kanoff knew their gameplan/plays for Sunday’s game. (Per Mlive article)


Wall flower.

You think ARZ cut him hoping the Lions would sign him and then feed us false info only to report back to ARZ what our plan is?

I don’t see it. We picked him up to run the scout team in practice. Our first team DEF will get some practice against some of what ARZ will be doing.

Keep in mind ARZ signed Washington for pretty much the same reason.

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Is sarcasm really that hard to detect these days? Kliff wasn’t being serious. What coach in their right mind would give a backup not likely to make the roster any pertinent info?

I guess we’ll see next week if he gets cut or not. Patricia might be a little freaked out about the unknown Arizona offense. It wouldn’t surprise me that he is on the team just for the inside information and is let go next week.

I think he is a mammal.


No, I never thought he would ‘provide false info and report back to AZ’. I’m merely saying AZ could use this as much or more than the Lions to their advantage.

Was highly accurate in college—73% completion percentage. Would rather have that than a 50-54% QB.

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Yes, that’s what jumps out. That’s worth more than a highly paid Dallas running back.

More like good enough to be Cowboys QB coach.


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I guess so because even after reading it again I don’t pick up a hint of sarcasm. Maybe an LOL at the end would have helped.

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Personally I think everyone is expecting ARZ to run some form of a spread offense concept. This has been tried in the NFL since the Run and Shoot days and defenses just blitz the QB to stop it …but… ARZ has this mobile QB that can run so I’m expecting him to have success as DET tries to contain him. However his size could really be his downfall. If he takes a big hit or two he could get hurt. If he stays healthy an upright he will be tough to handle.

It’s going to be interesting to see what ARZ does and how DET responds.

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People still run the old run and shoot concepts. It changed the NFL forever, because spreading out the defense is effective.

Yep…just not for a whole game and never doing anything else. Even teams that ran the run-n-shoot back when it was en vogue learned to install “other” offenses for different situations.