Is College Football more competent than the NFL?

I don’t get to watch College Football like I used to…well TV in general. I’ve watched a couple college games this weekend and just felt it was a much better game than the NFL.

Since I have such a limited perspective, I wanted to see what you all see if you follow both heavily. I love football and the NFL has degraded as a whole. I found the College games were much better than and officiated.

There is no doubt that the NFL is an absolute machine when it comes to marketing, interest and generating revenue. However, I just don’t enjoy it like I used too. To many controversial calls, ineptitude and arrogance by the league.

I love the players and their abilities as well as the chess matches between some of the best coaches in the game. But the NFL as an entity just leaves a bad taste with me.

It’s like they have taken the attitude that bad news makes just as much money as good news…as long as they make money, why care about the product.


My observation of college is:

  1. The strategic game isn’t even close, its more than just checkers vs chess. Its like watching young amateur checkers players and then watching elite level chess players.

  2. The game is not officiated better. In fact, I think its even worse. The difference is that people don’t focus on in, and the announcers are willfully ignorant to it much of the time. The NFL announcers will turn their heads at times, but they are much, much more willing to call out the refs if they see it different. There were some neck tie holding penalties that went uncalled in the Alabama vs LSU game that would make Packers fans cringe. I think there are some things they do well with replay.

  3. I love the excitement of the kids in college football, and the bands, cheerleaders, fan sections…all of it. The NFL could not reproduce that in a million years…much like the NBA will never be able to recreate march madness.

In the end I love both and each have their place in my life. I’d much rather watch a “big matchup” regular season college game than NFL. But once the postseason hits, there’s no form of football that tops the NFL for me. For basketball, I care way more about march madness than the NBA postseason.


Thank you Wes, you’re one of the voices I was looking for a response from.

I’m trying to keep my perspectives in check. I’ve been peeling away from professional sports for a few years now. For instance, I used to get the NHL Center Ice package for over ten years, but after their CBA lockout I haven’t bought it since. I don’t buy merchandise anymore. Although I did go to the hockey HOF back in March…because I love the game.