Is Craig Reynolds signed?

I have been out quite a bit this season-having so many damn DR appointments for my heart attack last October…I also had classes for weeks, and haven’t heard if ANY of the Reynold’s had been signed tbh. I think Craig played his ass off , when he was given the opportunity…so just wondering?


Yeah, they signed him to a two-year deal, which concludes in 2022. At that point, he will either be an exclusive rights free agent or restricted free agent.


And at that point Brady might finally be ready to hang them up for real……maybe


Praises for the fact we are alive to go to all these appointments! :upside_down_face:

Sometimes I think now that my best friends are my heart doctors and the service rep. For my insurance :crazy_face::heart::pray::+1::mending_heart::upside_down_face:


thank you all.

yap, but I’m in my 40’s still…

Fat finger; small screen

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my doctors are my BFF–had a 5 by pass —both hips and both knee’s replaced–3 bulls eye from ticks-loaned with lyme-==arthritis— survived a major staph infection and a life threating mersa infection==-and now right shoulder is looking at a total replacement–at 75 yrs old—Medicare is wondering why i am still alive—upon request i will gladly send a list of my doctors–LOL


Haha it made me think of this!

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Lol - suffering build character, then faith and then hope baby!! :crazy_face:

Aka - a walking, daily miracle brother!

I do that all the time :grinning:

With Swift, Williams, Reynolds and Jefferson all under contract for next season. I really don’t see us drafting a RB this year.


MAN , when is the last time we could say that !?

Exactly! Y’all need to stop worrying about my character. I came by it honestly.:rofl:

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