Is Erin done or playing possum again?

I don’t know…something tells me he’s going to act like he’s done and just come back again at QB.
Either way I say he’s coming back even if it’s as a coach or something…we have seen this before.
what do you guys think…?

Guessing Denver.
Hoping GB
Retiring would be 2nd fav scenario.


kung fu ninja GIF




Drop the hammer on him! Make him look like part of the field

Use this!!


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His ego and desire for attention will bring him back 100%.

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He should follow the example from Favre. Retire just long enough to force the Packers to move on, then go all “Lolz j/k I’m back” to start a bidding war. It gives him the best combination of forcing his way out and stroking his ego as teams vie for his services.

Highly doubtful Aaron retires but I think Brady does. The Bucs are fading fast and he knows it. He would come back if he thought they were favorites, but they’re not. Even in a year, they’ve gone down hill fast.

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Fun new fact for AR

He sold his home in Cali….

Financial move?

Retirement move?

Relocation move to say Denver?!


he’s rich and can move wherever he wants. when he talks retire? He can be completely done/pissed off with the NFL , He can be thinking of coming back as a Assistant HC, HC, GM, maybe a team owner OR join a team an QB outside of Green Bay…we don’t know. there is always a “chance” that he does “The Brett Favre Thing” and yo-yo in and out of retirement, yet that’s all up in the air down the road. he could wait to reveal it just before 2022 season…we will see.

I would not read too much into this. He still has a $28mil Oceanfront house in Malibu.

I have no idea why he even owned that house other than I think he bought it before he bought the Malibu house

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He will end up in Tampa Bay assuming Brady does in fact retire

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Erin is Malibu Barbie !


See you in the playoffs, MF’r!

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