Is Holmes playing smartest guy in the room?

Really have to question how Holmes moved around in this draft. I feel like this draft was rushed for Holmes.

Day 1: throwing the draft value chart out the room! Ok I get it we needed a CB as much as it killed me giving up a top 75 pick to move up 5 spots. Ok you got your guy.

Day 2: double down on CB ok well if you where willing to trade future picks to move up in the draft why not trade up in the 2nd rd to get a player like Jackson Power Johnson’s? At that point I got it he was the highest guy I had on my top 75 board I made ranked 31. So I am not mad at the player.

Day 3: Giving away are future, for players that are situational or huge projects. A 3rd and 4th rd pick which could be huge at the trade deadline.

Did Holmes spend to much time traveling with the team and attending team meeting (as seen in the latest episode of the den) I really think he played smartest guy in the room this weekend and these picks could turn out to be hits or this could be Holmes first flop of a draft only time will tell. Not sure how excited at this moment I am for some of these guys. hopeful over the next few weeks I’ll get pumped about these guys: I talked myself into liking Alama-Francis back in the day also lol


A CB lol my bad

No, he’s not playing.
He is the smartest guy in the room. He rebuilt this team and we were 3 points from the Super Bowl in only 3 years.
When your team doesn’t have “needs”, you’re free to take the best players available.
That’s what he did.


I need to read my posts before I post sorry horrible grammar. At work about to fall asleep after watching the draft all Saturday lol

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we are putting the finishing touches on the team ,refining it and not rebuilding over and over.


OMG … were short one 3rd round pick next year now…were doomed as doom can be.

Brad is the smartest guy in the room.

Maybe they don’t like JPJ like you do. Hmmm

3rd and 4th round picks usually are just bench guys and projects, not seeing giving up on the future here.

You bought into a Millen pick in 2007, that’s on you… you should have known better by then.

And mentioning a Millen pick in comparison to a Brad Holmes pick violates all laws of Humanity.


This team is a heck of a lot more complete and tougher. He identified the players who fit this team, this scheme this culture and got them.

Watch the tape and see how these cats manhandle people and how sticky they are in coverage. I’m absolutely stoked on this draft


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The Sky Is Falling


Just another massive project for a 3rd round pick. Giovanni Manu is probably more raw than B.Martin. He might take 2 years to develop and probably will.

I like Sione Vaki and even know he was more a 5th round selection and I would have just waited to 163 and I think he would have still been there but maybe Holmes is telling the truth that he got the answers to the test after it or he is making that up to sound better.

I iike Holmes a lot. He is not bad. Not close. But, I would personally like him to sit back and know he is the best.

However, his anxiousness and testorone is is why we are where we are. As he ages, and he is our GM, he will have to learn to balance this.

Dan…we need him. We will always need his energy and testorone around. He is huge.

Our scouting department plays a part here as well.

Hard to believe Holmes dismisses what our scouts tell him?

He is not going anywhere for a long, long time.

And neither is Dan Campbell.

Statues will be built for these humans.

Not close to done building.

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Brad is the reigning draft champion from 2023 and from everything I’ve read and seen, the “experts” are saying the Lions were winners in this draft too. Brad is the man and knows what he’s doing. No need at all to question him at this point.


Yeah he’s likely playing some “smartest guy in the room here”. But he’s earned it.
He likely made a mistake, maybe 2 this weekend, but we’ll not be sure till 2-4 years from now.
Levi looks like a mistake, but when he’s sandwiched between Peneii, McNeil and Saint,… I mean… smart away good sir.


Every person on the planet should be taking notes, when Brad is talking about the draft.

I seriously think it is comical when people question him at this point. How many super bowls in a row do we have to win before ppl stop with the nonsense?

Yup → our bald guy is a project…just like Bro-Mart (one of the players I’m most excited to watch develop). Saves SO much money to take high ceiling players, when your staff is awesome at developing talent. Look at the improvement of Iffy, AA, Barnes…Goff for cripes sake!

Brad and Dan make each other look good, because that symbiotic relationship has the 2 best in the biz doing their thing! Love it!


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Any room BH enters, he’s the smartest guy in the room, it’s just something he has to live with.

We’re missing a 3rd round pick and have an extra 7th, not worried.


I mean… 1?


Have some faith in the process.

Holmes has consistently smashed it out of the park, and some more. He has built us from being atrocious to SB challengers in a short period of time.

Yet every year people question him. I know who I have my faith in. Keeps doing what your doing Brad.


This is their first year working from a relative paucity of draft capital. 7 picks, most of them late in their respective round.

I am fine with '24, but this year’s strategy is not sustainable. They are going to have to recalibrate which players to really pursue. You trade up for Arnold? Fine. But part of that calculus is that you might have to forgo the developmental tackle in the 4th round.

I do feel that one of Martin ('23), Manu or Vaki has to really hit to justify their trades the last couple of years. If these guys all creep around the edge of the roster for a while and then disappear, this will be disappointing and should trigger a review of which types of players are really worth pursuing.

Let’s admit it Holmes got cute. I do think this draft he got careless.

Holmes admitted he went to bed last night thinking he was not going to trade up. Then fell in love with a project and a special team player and decided he hates 3rd rd picks and 4th rd picks for that matter.

2023 draft Holmes was a ninja in the draft. This draft he gave up picks like he was hosting the Oprah show. He got careless.

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