Is Kelly Smiley a racist?

Before her racist and homophobic tweets were exposed, Kelly Smiley made a point of going on social media to let the world know she was photographer that fell at the Rams Championship Rally.

Will incident hurt the Stafford’s perception?

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I just want to add :zipper_mouth_face: and follow that with :zipper_mouth_face: snd then it’s always a question of :zipper_mouth_face: in society too.

She did announce herself on Twitter bringing attention to what she’s said in the past.


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I keep seeing, “Matt told Kelly to take care of her”, like it’s their responsibility, or something.
Are Matt and Kelly doctors? Anyone else that touches an injured person is setting themselves up for a lawsuit.
The media is just addicted to bashing Stafford. Probably because he parties like a Detroiter.

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why would it get locked? its football related

We are all incapable of having genuine dialect

Matt Stafford has no clue what it must be like to have a broken back


It’s locked because you’re bringing up a social/political issue, which violated code of conduct, and also: this is a football forum. Trying to shoehorn it into, or tangentially related it to, a discussion about Matt Stafford won’t work. There are plenty of online forums to discuss race/politics/etc, including Reddit and Facebook. I encourage you to post there.