Is Laporta already the 2nd best skill player?

I think he is.


There’s definitely an argument to be made that he is. Let’s scheme more plays to get him open in space like Kelce, Hock, and Andrews. Who cares if he’s a rookie, he’s producing.


I’m with you. He is showing a lot of game and we need to use him.

Man I love his style of play !!!

He looks like the real deal. Blocking is solid and showed some nice pass catching skills today. Plus mental awareness to fight for that first down at the end.

Nice showing from him today. Really a fighter. Him and Montgomery were very physical.


LaPorta is definitely looking good. As far as skill players who have started the season strong, let’s not forget Josh Reynolds!

9 catches, 144 yds, 2 TDs


I think if we start to gameplan him into the offense more, it’s gonna help open up ARSB


Had I seen this post I wouldn’t have created the top5 thread. He may be our 2nd best offensive player, period. (1 behind Sewell)

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He looked really good today

Played as he was advertised tbh

Great receiving, not so great blocking
Thst fumble is on him. Its disconcerting that this staff puts these guys in positions like this (Houston in coverage) that sets them up for failure.

Agree. The offense generally did well but there were mistakes. I thought all the offensive players did well enough to win that game (except Marvin Jones).

Laporta looked fantastic today. We need to get the ball to him and Gibby as much as possible to free up ARSB until Jamo comes back and we can really stretch the field


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