Is Lions GM Brad Holmes getting a little too confident?

He found ARSB in round 4……that’s encouraging for me


Holmes definitely has a hint of arrogance to him but most of the great ones are.

I’d say that he’s earned the right to be ultra confident in his abilities and those around him. This is a guy that has engineered one of the biggest turnarounds in sports history, a team that had a barren wasteland of talent and 60+ years of mostly losing culture from 0-10 with one of the least talented rosters in the league to the NFC Championship a little over 2 years later with now one of the most stacked rosters in the league just like THAT. Go be arrogant Brad and keep collecting receipts on the way to the top.

trust the science, my man!

Don’t do it, man!

…unless you want chicks to think you are tooootally awesome!


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Just to be clear……

I’m not saying Holmes ca’t find guys that can be top players later in the draft….

I’m pointing out out that he isn’t going to have top 10 picks every year to find those players. The guys EVERYONE recognizes as the cream of the crop… not gonna always be available in the 20’s…

His job is tougher now. Much tougher.

But…. he just started with the #29 OA pick….

and ended up with a guy that many thought was a top 10 talent and top 3 defensive player in this draft.


Then again most of that success was Bob Quinn drafting Oline. The unnamed exec didn’t do his homework.

The Times of India? Everyone knows that rag prints bald-faced lies.

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The scientist who conducted the research was… wait for it… bald. Lol no bias at all there. :joy:

That’d be like you conducting a Jack Fox research project. :wink:

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I’m all about the studies, man → science!


…so excessively intelligent and handsome! High level trustworthy source


I agree with this article. Holmes did get reckless in this draft. The Manu pick if he hits will look like a master class of scouting. Unfortunately the odds of him hitting and becoming a future starter in the NFL are low based on a lot of metrics. Holmes spending future day 2 capital on a Lottery ticket is reckless.

Had he earned the right to do this yes he has but does it make it right? no it doesn’t. This draft was rushed I felt it. When you trade up that many times in a single draft you have rushed the process.

I believe with the success the team had last season and the past drafts Holmes has master classed he started buying into the hype. His ego got inflated. He didn’t grind like in past drafts where he moved around the board with precision and a purpose.

Never in the past when the lion’s release inside the dens did I see him in team meetings. This last episode of inside the den I seen him numerous times. I believe he got to invested into the hype this season and didn’t grind like in years past. This is my opinion I know I’ll be killed on here for it but that is just my feeling.

Would never kill ya, bro. I’ll just be happy for you when you get to see us winning super bowls with Manu and Sewell starting


Is Holmes arrogant because he’s the best GM in the NFL?

Or is he the best GM in the NFL because hes arrogant?

I don’t really give a shit as long as he’s the best GM in the NFL.


I think Holmes is confident because he trusts the work he and the other scouts put in.

It’s the same confidence that Campbell and the team have.


Manu is 2 inches taller… 20 pounds heavier, faster, and can jump 5 inches higher. Hard to believe. Sewell’s got the strength edge.

Giovani Manu vs Penei Sewell Pro Day

Stat Giovani Manu Penei Sewell
Height 6’ 7" 6’5"
Weight 352 331
Arm length 34.5" 33.25"
40 yard 5.03s 5.09s
Vertical 33.5" 28"
Broad Jump 8’ 11" 9’ 1"
3 Cone 8.29 s 7.8s
Bench 23 30

It’s gonna take development of course… but Manu could be a monster. And Hank Fraley is an outstanding coach.


why can’t Brad have ANY level of confidence !? remember where we came from? The gutter-winning nothing : Enter Sheila , Brad, Dan , Chris, and all the others? , look how we have climbed in talent and winning , look at the team and the skilled players we have that DO -more than one thing , WE THE DETROIT LIONS were playing ‘King Of The Mountain’ last season–we slipped by a dropped football in OT (for the win) chit there were days I sat back and asked if the league would just remove our team from the NFL for being so bad-especially 0-16…I’m not playing, we were something on the soles of peoples feet -once- . I’ve been a fan of The Lions, since I was five years old-way back in 1978— I vowed to be a loyal Lions fan for LIFE, but I’d be lying if I told you there were times I thought about switching teams (before) you couldn’t go anywhere without somebody dogging you because? ‘you were a Lions Fan’ I never went anywhere !! NOW more people respect this team, they are actually concerned about HOW we do, or WHAT we do… Brad Holmes is a big part of that- mad props to him. I hope we open up a can of whoop ass in 24…# GO LIONS !!! 313 baby.

I read the article. Its basically stating that the writer is a trade down guy and not a trade up guy. Cool, that’s a difference in philosophy and/or opinion. What I don’t like is when he tries to lay out his opinion as fact. Weak sauce statements like “its settled data at this point that trading up sucks and trading down is a superior strategy.” That’s not what he said specifically, but that is what he was trying to convey. Then he threw out a single study as if one study is the be all end all of a conversation. Its literally an ongoing conversation and there is a ton of nuance to it.


The article and the Barnwell one it cites are based on poor logic. Basically the argument is that instead of trading up to take CB1, you should wait and take CB3, as if the talent level and fit follow a linear path.

What I think works for Holmes is that he doesn’t just say “I want a CB” he says “I want THIS CB because the whole package of this player is a perfect fit for our team and organisation”. That’s the value in trading up.

On the arrogance point, anyone who is great at anything has a certain arrogance about it, and Brad Holmes, so far, has been great at drafting.


It’s interesting that the “bordered on arrogance” isn’t in quotes.

Is it possible that the reporting was bordering on arrogant?

Aptitude vs Attitude.

The Lions believe that if you have an Athletic player with the right Attitude, you can coach up the Aptitude.

The AAA method of drafting.