Is Lions GM Brad Holmes getting a little too confident?

He definitely has gotten more confident in himself since 2021. I’ve noticed a little bit of arrogance, but he’s earned that imo. I’m not a huge fan of it, but again, his results speak for themselves.


The only real comment to this would be that if you are confident in your process you can be confident in your selections.

In general, the picks should be almost automatic once the draft starts. If you have done your homework and had a clear plan and grading system then it should not be a day when you are really making decisions.


Confidence in your evaluations is the most important quality a GM can have. So I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too confident” in this game.

If he becomes arrogant, however, that could be a problem. It’s a fine line to walk, because as I said, that confidence is required to make great picks.


Brad does iphershis homework, watches film, decides what each guy will bring, and goes and get’s HIS guy, if his guy isn’t there-He will go next best and strike…we are proud of him, no reason he can’t have some swagger.


I think it part of why Brad has success he doesn’t wait for his guy he goes gets them. I watch so many times here were we would wait on the guy they waited only to have them pick just before them and having take what is left over. I love the fact that Brad just goes gets the guy he wants.


Is he becoming more confident?
Or is the room more confident?
Thinking back to 2021 when Dorsey was rumored to have settled him down from trading up for Levi.

He’s not going to make a renegade purchase. There’s a process. If Brad posed a thought, the room acted on it and there was no effective attempt to reel him in, then I don’t know if anything has changed. We’ve seen their Points discussion in past trades, so we know it takes the effort of more than Brad to facilitate such a thing. I think it’s a reflection of who Brad, the process and the team is more than it’s anyone changing.

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Also - this year going into the draft our current roster dictated to a degree we could be bolder as we had less players to fix.

Compared to our first draft with Holmes and Company, the roster was bare and a different approach was taken imho going into the draft

And next year will even be different…

But the process behind the draft is in place and functioning at a very high leave now: it works and this breeds confidence in the process you have….


Emotionally (with stuff like overconfidence), we have the best team in the history of the universe.

Would you be confident if you were as handsome as Brad Holmes? This is why some view him as overconfident, cuz they see the world through their own lens.

Everyone should try living as a bald man for at least a few months, so they can get an idea of what it is like to be rockin’ the sexy 24/7. It really does come with a lot of pressure.


Less players to “fix” from a talent standpoint….


the cornerstones are in place to perpetuate the culture.

Sewell, Hutch, ARSB.

Vets like Decker and Rags.

A trip to the NFC championship… and these guys have some
“pelt on the wall” that earns the respect of other players.

Drafting a few guys in the mid rounds that need development isn’t as much of a “gamble” now… because they come into a locker room with defined leaders here for the long haul.

They know they need to work hard to earn a role…
because even the top players do the same.

Best part to me… is that the newly players drafted still fit that mold.

Outside of Manu… who we don’t know much about about…
the rest of the draft class is a bunch of football junkies that want to be great.

We aren’t gonna get top 10 picks that are “sure things” like Sewell and Hutch now… but we still got leaders, athletes, and “players”.


I would not have ordered my Positional Villain t-shirt if I thought Brad had crossed the line to arrogance. His pressers are notorious for 10 minutes of giving credit to everyone down to the janitor. I won’t worry about arrogance until BroMart and GioMan are All-Pros–so I’ve about 2 years… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


He’s supposed to be confident….i mean i don’t get why that’s even a question. Every GM should have that, as well as coaches. Now I don’t sense arrogance in Brad, I see calculated aggression in him.

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It is so crazy to say this and actually believe

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Unless we find the next Will Shields, Pat Swilling, or Aeneas Williams in Rd 3,the next Maxx Crosby, Jared Allen, Charles Haley, Geno Atkins, Jahri Evans, Jon Runyan, or ARSB in Rd 4, etc. The players who were underestimated and not properly valued.


And there’s this quote from an Athletic article with anonymous executives commenting on each NFC team’s draft:

" One exec thought the Lions trading a 2025 third-round pick to the Jets for University of British Columbia tackle Giovanni Manu at No. 126, and then using another fourth-rounder for combination safety/running back Sione Vaki, bordered on arrogance.

“They are really good, so they have earned that right,” the exec said. “It’s a little different from the arrogance coming out of Atlanta. Detroit has had a lot of success drafting offensive line.”

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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

I don’t find anything about Holmes arrogant. Arrogance is thinking you are better or above others in your opinions and expertise. Brad has a lot of respect for many people around the league. I think he gets frustrated that uninformed and ignorant reporters question the teams process. Brad has complete confidence in the process. I am sure he knows that not all the players they draft will become superstars or may not even last in the league. But the process is in place to ensure you get a decent athlete with a sound work ethic. That, by nature, will increase the odds of success. Find the guys you believe fit that profile and then do what you need to get them. The other option is settling for somebody you don’t think is either as athletic or has the necessary work ethic to develop. What I find arrogant is people like the reporter that think they know enough and have enough information to question a proven talent evaluator that has exponentially more information to aid him in his decisions. That my friends is arrogant and the reporter should go look in the mirror!


When people talk about the arrogance they think they see in others …. It normally stems for thier own internal lack of self worth.

So seeing others where they think those others are better, they don’t like that and rationalize in this manner imho