Is Marshon Lattimore the Answer?

He was linked to the lions at the beginning of FA. But they decided to get Davis.

Well then the Sutton deal happened.

NOW the rumors are heating up. Especially now the Saint say Lattimore wont be traded till “Post June 1st”

I say DO IT!

Currently (waiting for the NFL to void his contract)
Sutton is a $12.68M cap hit for 2024 and a $6.54m for 2025.

Post June First lattimore
Will be a $15M cap hit for 2024
And $18m for 2025 and 2026. However!!! 2025 and 2026 have 0 guaranteed money. So if he fails. They can restructure or cut him for FREE.99

So for $2.3M to upgrade from Sutton To Latttimore.

And the rumored cost? 5th round pick. And since its post june 1st that would be a 2025! 5th round pick.


You make it sound so juicy


The Saints restructured so that there is an option bonus due, so cap hit will be about $4M this year and $11M to future years, but we would need to recognize $15M at some point.

Nothing can be done until June 1 anyways, something to look at after the draft.


If that’s the case, done deal in my opinion.


Yes. The lions have 2 options for the contract.

A or B
2024 - $4m vs $15m
2025 - $21m vs $18m
2026 - $21m vs $18m
2027 - $5.5m vs $0

A has a void year and guarantees spread through out. Vs B is all the guarantees up front.

Where like i said. Suttons 12.6m is coming off the books. So use that for the $15m for 2024. That leaves you with more flexibility for 2025+

If he stays healthy, which has been a problem for him lately, this would be a homerun.

I assume we would know exactly what we are getting, and exactly how he fits.

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There are no guarantees in his contract.

Cap experts showing what his contract options are after june 1st trade

That is correct, but it doesn’t change the fact that the below is incorrect.

The 2024 guarantee is $12M, once the option bonus is paid or once his base salary is paid (if the option bonus is declined), there are no more guarantees in his contract.