Is stafford coachble?

He has so many coaches and 12 year experience . Is he in his own world ?Sack and int in critical stages like usual . I know he had one good year where we won like 8 games in last 2 minutes , that was a fluke and happened due to Calvin effect . Our offense is good compared to our defense . At the end of the day no excuses , productivity is what counts . I know about swift drop , but we should not have come to that situation

Yes he is coachable. Jim Caldwell coming in and turning him into a professional proved that.


Thank God you’re back espnbaby! The place is just not the same without you!

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I think the main problem whith Stafford is he has never shown the ability make average receivers around him better, at least not the way super elite quarterbacks can do

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So are you saying that Golden Tate was better with the Seahawks, and Marvin Jones was better with the Bengals?

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Add in an aged Amendola and Boldin. Young Golladay looked fine as well.

I think Stafford is coachable. Someone posted Kurt Warner’s comments on here last night that Stafford is trying to do too much, because he is used to having to do too much. I think this matches up very well with what happened during the game yesterday.

Stafford was playing great football. The team started to stumble, and he tried to put on his Superman cape and make something happen. First came the sack where he clearly was waiting too long for someone to get open, and tried to make a play. Then he tried to redeem it by making a hero throw that turns into a pick. He shouldn’t be making these kinds of mistakes at this point in his career, but I don’t think it was careless. If anything it was him trying too hard.

The Stafford pick came on a nearly identical throw to the dart he threw to Amendola on the 3rd and impossible earlier in the game. He forced that ball in, and it was dead money. He went to the well again, and because it was a pressure situation, it didn’t take much for things to go awry. It’s not excusable, but it is understandable.

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Seahawks didn’t pass much when he was in Seattle . So we can’t compare .Wilson is an accurate passer and Tate won a super bowl which maters . Jones was good with bengals know ,that’s why we bought him here . I hope hockenson is not a every year opening day wonder

This is not true at all.

Not defending the sack and int but Matt put that ball right in swifts hands perfectly. Don’t think Staffords any where near the top of the list for the problems the lions have.

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I am one of the biggest stafford’s supporters on this board, just as @iggy14 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I do not think you can say that stafford played well yesterday. Yes that throw was on the money, but on the last drive that mattered with the run game, the run game showed up…it was stafford and Cephus who didn’t. Now cephus it appears ran the wrong route on the throw so I am willing to say that that wasn’t on stafford but that sack was horrible and stafford overall was not sharp.

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of course stafford is coachable. read his college scouting report and you only see MOST of the same things on there that he does currently. :wink:

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Jim Bob Cooter was retained exclusively because Stafford liked him. And that proved disastrous.

Joe Lombardi’s attempt to adopt some of the schemes Drew Brees runs left Stafford befuddled.

One of the reasons a running game has never been established in Detroit is Stafford’s eagerness to ditch it and start winging it, year after year.

He’s just grown stale here. A change of scenery would be best for all concerned. If he proves he’s healthy this season, he should fetch a solid haul – just the kind of thing that should fuel a regime change and complete overhaul.

First of all they say Stafford has a photographic memory and had a higher wonderlic score of 38 higher than Rodgers and Brady to name a few. Perhaps Lombardi wasn’t any good as an Offensive Coordinator. He left and went back to something familiar and is still a qb coach for the Saints. You would think he would have been plucked up by now and promoted if he was really something special.

This is just dumb.

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How about can Patricia coach.
When Caldwell was in Detroit, Stafford was knocking on the top 5 QBs in the league. Caldwell showed him how to protect the ball. Those were his best seasons in the NFL

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He’s coachable but he’s not a vocal leader. Seems as if he’s uncomfortable doing it! He should have been the one in both Patricia’s and Bevell’s ass saying run the football! Granted, last year in AZ he was yelling to the coaches “Trust Me!” It’s 10 years in and he should be able to orchestrate everything by himself or provide hella input. I just don’t understand.

At this point the Detroit Lions are going to waste yet another career of a Superstar athlete. People in Michigan might not think highly of Stafford but nationally people do. Pittsburgh has some fantastic sports talk radio shows and they are all worried about 1) Does Big Ben come back and produce like he did before the injury and 2) who replaces him when he retires in a year or two? Stafford’s name has come up on several occasions from both the talking heads and also the callers saying that stafford is a stud and if the steelers were to get him they would be able to continue to compete and win super bowls and it is a joke that the lions have wasted him for all these years…

Zero playoff wins, so many coaches. I’m not sure he is. But with what he has now as a head coach doesn’t help.