Is this guy worth a look: Josh Uche

Is Uche a better option than existing DL on the roster, maybe not, curious what those more in tune with players than I am think?

A recent report indicated Uche and the Patriots have not held extension talks, leaving him on a path toward departing in free agency in March. New England does not have a history of valuing situational edge rushers such as the Michigan alum as highly as other teams. As such, it would not come as a surprise if a market developed for his services to close out the 2023 season, but also for years to come on a long-term deal given out by an acquiring team. Uche had a breakout season last year with 11.5 sacks, but he has managed just a pair so far this season.

Kyed adds that the trio of Uche, Dugger and Onwenu would each likely garner draft compensation ranging from second- to fourth-round picks if they were to be included in deadline deals. Veteran wideout Kendrick Bourne – previously named as a low-cost trade target at his position – could also draw attention and yield a Day 3 pick in return. As Jeff Howe of The Athletic notes (subscription required), New England is seen around the lea

The problem is that he’s basically another James Houston He’s typically averaged around 20 snaps per game for NE. The hoodie never trusted him on early downs.

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I don’t think we are in a market for edge rusher.

We weren’t on draft day

We still got 7…plus we’ve added Campbell & Barnes to that role.


Werent we trying to trade up for that Bama DE?

Heard that , not sure if it was true or not

But I guess yes if the right blue chip player is available regardless of position we would go for it.

But I see us being sellers at deadline before buyers as get a depth edge guys go

Most likely we stand pat do nothing

It doesn’t make sense to add another solid edge guy, IMO. Our current depth is excellent. If we add to that group it needs to be a star. A Burns/Crosby type player. I personally think neither happen.

I think the only spot we may make a move is outside CB. This staff was counting on Moseley and now he is gone.

I still think Houston can be a star in a specialist sort of way

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