It could be worse

I wonder if Snyder’s mutually assured destruction could take out the Fords too?

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Bro…if the Fords were in on the cheating, they’d have won more…unless they’re being compensated for agreeing to being a “losing franchise” sort of like the “bad guys” in “pro” rasseling.


It’s kinda taking the shine off Washington’s impressive decades long home win streak vs lions if we know the fix was in and owner was leaking game plans to Snyder to give his coaches.


It could be worse…


If he was able to actually expose other owners and Goodell for what many of us suspect has been going on for a long time, well that would be the best thing he ever did as an owner.

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LOL - Nice

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This is interesting as … would it ? There’s probably a lot of pro owners that are sweating maybe full leagues covering sins and manipulations.

At same time , if enough owners and Goodell are bad , would it cripple the league ?

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It probably would, but if all the rigging and fraud and all that were proven true, I suppose my hope would be they would be forced to regroup and take the integrity of the game more seriously.

I know that’s a big hypothetical in a lot of ways, but I’m just tired of the questionable calls, favoritism for certain franchises, etc.

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Agree at the same time
Those things don’t make us tune out pro wrestling where we can still appreciate the athletes and competition but know it’s not exactly real.

If Snyder did spill some controlled outcomes or player placement manipulations , cohorts with sponsors , gamblers

They layers of industry they nfl touches both legal and illegal.

And people talking about Davante Adams push or Draymond punch …

Think of the stories they’ve covered up …

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Sounds exactly like the NFL!

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For sure without a doubt! That’s why I also think even if it got exposed, it would most likely not really change much or lead to much change.

The only difference with wrestling is everyone knows it’s dramatized, and I don’t really consider it a sport so to speak (pro wrestling that is). Yes they are athletes and have to be in shape but it’s more like a theater production to me. Also I’m not really a wrestling fan so I could be wrong but just my opinion.

I guess the sports side of me wants sports to be fair competition between two people/teams, and I hate thinking they are not fair because of factors outside of the teams playing.


and the players have started to defect….

It’s tough even when we consider PEDs. Why not ? They’re already using cutting edge techniques etc.

Is there any purity ?

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I was just thinking about this

As an athlete now
They know owner is just about money

They’re going to get paid if they can play
But would they really go all in committing to caring if organization is great ?

Just collect a check

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