It's a complete blow-up rebuild coming, so trade Stafford

The tedious debate over to what degree Matt Stafford deserves part of the blame for … this … is now irrelevant.

We are heading for a new GM, New Coach and a multi-year rebuild. Many, if not most, of the players on the roster now won’t work in a new regime. Quinntricia were drafting/acquiring for weird, Patriot things. (It didn’t work for them, either, but that’s beside the point.)

Keeping Stafford around for that rebuild doesn’t make a lot of sense. He won’t fetch what he could have a few years ago (when an imaginative team with balls would have traded him), but he can likely still fetch you a first-round draft pick. Presuming the next regime doesn’t draft like Quinn (or Mayhew, or Millen), that’s useful, and helps the process.

So who needs a QB in 2021? The Steelers jump out at me.

I think Jerry Jones is enamored with Stafford. But Prescott is playing himself into a huge contract extension there.

Maybe, still, the Chargers. I don’t think Tyrod Taylor is the answer there, and unless Justin Herbert lights it up, I don’t think they’d pass on a surer opportunity.

Forget the Vikings.

The Raiders? They may, by the end of this season, be a QB away from a good run.

Note: This probably happens in the offseason. Hopefully the sweep-out of the sideline and front office doesn’t wait that long, though.

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At this point, and I am a Stafford fan but I move him.

I certainly think he’s good enough to win with. He’s not perfect but he’s far from our biggest problem. I just think at this point things are stale.

I hope Matt P and Quinn are fired, we trade Stafford and draft a qb. We just need a new energy with this team.

Hopefully Lawrence or Fields can get people excited about football in Detroit.


Hard to argue with the logic of this. Would hate for him to go to the Cowboys as I would like to continue to cheer for him!

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If I were the Saints, I would ask about Stafford. How much longer can Brees go?


I didn’t think about that, but they might be the likeliest.

I think Brees retires after this season.

Is Stafford ready for his Joe Lombardi reunion, though?

Tbh, I’m cheering for Stafdord wherever he goes…may sound sadistic, but it would further cement to these gawd awful fucking owners that they dont know what the fuck they are doing. They are lucky fans arent allowed this year…I really think ford field would be the biggest empty graveyard we have seen yet by next week against NO. Kinda sucks, Sheila not actually seeing the disgust by the fan base, actually helps Quintricia in a way…


If you aren’t winning super bowls with Brees you think you will win with Stafford?

I like Stafford, I like him enough to set him free from this franchise. I think Elway would trade for him, but he’s probably on his way out as well. I like the thought of the Raiders being an option.

Honestly, if they do an complete overhaul then moving on from Stafford is a must. The new front office doesn’t need that distraction, just cut bait the best you can.

Honestly I would be shocked if we got a 1st for him. But I would jump at the opportunity.

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You are right to a point, but a coach like Peyton may very try to reclaim Stafford and see what he can do, especially if Brees retires. Outside looking in, I would think there are a few teams who would take Stafford, thinking “well, he’s been with the Lions…we can def do more with him”.

I don’t think Stafford gets you a first at this point. Probably a package of second and third day picks.


On a sidenote, Herbert is kind of taking it to the Chiefs…so far him and Burrow look for real.

I have to agree. I’ve been a Stafford supporter, but it’s time to blow it up and get decent value while he has it. Fire Quinn and Patty, trade players, and try to pay a shitload of $ for Urban Meyer.

hate to say it, but what about the patriots? Cam is not right

My first thought was also the Steelers


I want this is in the worst way. And I can tell you sports talk radio in Pittsburgh has been talking about it as well. They all know Ben is most likely done after this year or maybe next at the latest and they don’t believe the heir is on the roster now. They were talking a couple weeks ago that getting a guy like stafford would prolong their super bowl window and maybe even get them a couple of rings…send him to pittsburgh…

There are al least 5-6 teams that would give up a 1st rd pick for Stafford for sure.



MAYBE the Jets?
MAYBE the Colts?
Chargers even less likely, as Herbert looks good early.
Broncos even less likely, as they are going to try with Lock.

Yeah… let’s trade the one guy that the top organizations that win Superbowls would be willing to pay for. See the trouble with that?

See the trouble with having a 32-year-old, recently oft-injured QB spending his remaining effective couple of years with a rebuilding team that might not win 7 games in a year until 2023 or so?

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