It's my Birthday today and I'm going to enjoy me a Red Robin Burger!

I just turned 47, to me? I just got older, but hey…lol


Happy Birthday, the second order of fries are on me.


The Red Robin Cherry Limeade drinks are the best non-alcoholic beverage on the planet.

Happy Birthday, wolf.

Happy birthday and never been to a Red Robin. No reason, really.

Happy birthday!

I went a couple times… The first time I ordered an old fashioned salted caramel shake and it was enough to bring me back once more.

Happy Birthday!
546 months old! Growing up on us!

May you forever retain your handsomeness, you old duffer (still almost 2 years younger than me)

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Happy birthday buddy, you get them unlimited steak fries…

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Happy birthday, wolf! I hope you enjoyed that burger.

yes I did and a big burger with jalapenos .


thank al of you for the Birthday shout outs and kind words ! had a great time !!

no heartburn …much ever unless it’s a place that has super hot jalapenos your not expecting and they light you up, THEN there’s a good chance lol.

I went to a restaurant not too long ago and got the shrimp diablo. Stupid hot. That’s the way they came, no special order. Had the hiccups for five minutes after the first bite. Native Mexican place. Waiter walks by and says " You okay Amigo?" I still get razzed for it. Thick accent "Joo okay amigo?
It was somewhere in Superior, Wisconsin. Only mention it because it was abirthday meal.

I get heartburn with any type of spice, so that’s great news for you.

I usually get their 5 alarm burger… It’s hard for me to spend 10-12 bucks for a burger, but Red Robin is one of the few places I will.

Another June B!

Mine is 18 June brother!! 1964…to lazy to do the math right now!

Enjoy it as it seems you did!! Everyday is a gift!

Happy B-Day to you and Wolf.

Mine is next week.


Trifecta baby!!

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