It's over. Time to beat Minny at our house

That’s what the Lions locker room is thinking about.

So am I

This division is far from locked up 6 games in. We gotta win all 3 division games at our house and steal one or both against Minny and Chicago.

Packers are not gonna win out.

Take it out on Minny Sunday.


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I’m which you.

GB has 3 division wins. It’s over. Lions will probably finish 7-8-1.

So now the NFL is not a marathon…you sure flip flop a lot

We have only played one division game. I think the Lions should probably play the rest of them

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Lions are really not that good of a team. The NFL season is a marathon… good teams find ways to win and the Lions aren’t a good team.

Can’t rush the passer, shoot your self in the foot constantly, can’t convert in red zone.

The Lions don’t have the parts to make a comeback like the Cowboys and Colts did last season. Lions will finish in the basement of NFCN

Thankfully this forum has a great search feature so I will be able to pull up both this and your declaration that the Cowboys will be in the Super Bowl after Week 17

Don’t worry, buddy. I know you will. It’s what you live for.

“LOLOLOL someone said Dallas was making it to the SB!! Johnny Manziel elite QB, Michigan State Sucks!!”

Don’t have to search too far to find all the guarantees that we were gonna beat the Packers. I’ll have to look into that to see how many posts I can make calling all these people out. Then I can remind them of how wrong they were in each and every post they make.

Wonder how many guarantees we get this week with the Vikings coming up.

Hopefully I can “contain” myself when they do.

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Your welcome to look for mine

What’s the point? We’re obviously not an NFL favorite team. They’ve destroyed our season and declared Green Bay the best team in the division.
They’ll break your heart every chance they get!
Not me! Fuck the NFL!

Free country. Your call as to if you want to watch.

Not when you buy into and support corruption! There is no freedom in it. This is exactly how all of our freedoms are being taken away.
Selling your freedom for a TV show, 4 hours of entertainment that isn’t even real. That’s cheap, brother. Give yourself some credit!

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Green Bay will lose to Carolina, Min, SF and CHI, imo. That would put them at 9 wins coming to play in our house. Maybe they get to ten. It’s a flawed team even with Adams IMO. I still think people are sleeping on the Bears here as well. Records in the north are going to be tight end of year IMO.

At this point, the division is toast. They league wanted to give GB the division, so that’s all done. It’s a better story line. Rodgers gets McCarthy fired, gets a young fresh coach and everything is fixed.

Best case scenario for the Lions now, is to get a wildcard spot where we will end up traveling to New Orleans or Seattle again (and you know what will happen there).

Meanwhile, GB will get to host some garbage team like the Cowboys.

Ooooor, if the league really uses it’s head and scripts it to where the Packers host the Lions in the first playoff weekend. Revenge rematch. Lions vs “tough calls”. Story line is already in place from last night.

I’m leaning this way. At this time, I can’t give a fuck about next Sunday. Maybe later in the week, also may decide that I’m done.

Green Bay will me exposed. They win 11 games max IMO.

If we stop making dumb mistakes (KJ vs KC, 12 men on the field) we are a top 5-7 team in all of football.

We are competent in most facets of the game and we have the coaching staff and roster to be able to scheme to individual components week to weekZ

We can still win the division. We have to win next week though. Must win for division purposes.

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Got to beat Minny at home. GOT TO

After that…beat NYG

Then go from there
@ Oakland - not easy but easier than beating GB in GB
@ Chicago - not easy but not impossible
Cowboys in Det - Win
@Washington - Win

Then the Bears at home on TDay

It is gonna be a dog fight in the NFCN right to week 17

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