Its Super Bowl weekend boyz

…and I don’t mean the NFL draft.

I am a Super Bowl junkie and have memorized every Super Bowl and the story behind both teams. This game means everything to me. Its one of the only days I am willing to tell my employer I am not available regardless of pay or my employment status. Amon-Ra St Brown has a podcast where they ask each guest what is the first Super Bowl that they can remember. There are different interpretations of this question. They leave it open to the first Super Bowl you can “remember” as in you were runing around in diapers and had no clue what was going on. But you knew something was different that day. But they also leave it open to the interpretation of which Super Bowl did you actually watch and appreciate for what it is.

For me the first Super Bowl Sunday that I actually knew was a special event was 49ers vs Bengals for the 88 season. I have zero recollection of the prior Super Bowls other than documentaries years later. The following year was the first time I remember watching a full Super Bowl start to finish, and falling in love with football. That was 49ers vs Broncos.

If you can’t tell, the 49ers were the easy bandwagon team of my formative years, but I didn’t take that path. What about you guys? Clearly you didn’t become 49er fans. But what is your personal Super Bowl story?


F-ck the Superbowl !!!


I’ll tell ya next year when we win it. :laughing::laughing:


Actually the first Super Bowl I remember is the ‘85 Bears and the Super Bowl Shuffle. But just vaguely.

The first one I really watched? 49ers Bengals. Joe Montana vs. Boomer Esiason.

Haven’t missed one since.

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I remember listening on the radio to the Lions losing the playoff game vs Green Bay.

As far as Superbowl goes

It was John Elway smiling after winning with them yellow teeth.

And the Falcons dirty bird run.

Denver vs ATL

My furthest back playoff game I can remember watching was Frank Reich 32 pt comeback.

I remember running out to the garage to tell my dad.

Dad they came back they came back

Watching the Redskins (who molly-whopped the Lions) beat the Bills, which was #2 in their 4 game skid. They haven’t been back since.

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The earliest one I really remember is 1982 49ers-Bengals, the Super Bowl after “the catch.” I was very young but my dad was a football junkie and wanted me and my brother to be too so he forced it on us from an early age. I remember Cris Collingsworth having a good game, but another Cincy WR was actually better. Was rooting hard for them cause I liked their helmets lol.

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The 2nd half of the NFC Championship Game left me not really feeling the Super Bowl :joy:

But yeah I’ll watch it. The whole time thinking we should f****** be there.

We better get back in the next few years. That s*** was too much fun

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Being a Pontiac kid and able to see the top of the dome on certain days, my first real interest in the Superbowl was SB XVI.

I didn’t really care about the game until SB XX, the 85 Bears team vs the Pats. First SB I watched beginning to end. I’ve been hooked on football since that 85 season.

I still feel like the NFL season ended 2 weeks ago and am making no plans to watch this weekend.

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I’m a Lions fan. Not an NFL fan.
I’ve seen too many Dallas type screw jobs.
Don’t care.
More of a High School Basketball fan at this time of year. My grandson is playing, these days.

I have a weird confession to make in this thread.

I distinctly remember in 1992 rooting for the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII. I was 11. And … by the time the fourth quarter rolled around, I had fished a Dallas Cowboys hat out of the back of my closet and was pulling hard for the Cowboys. I remember being thrilled they won and believing, in quite the moment of naivete, as though I was a part of the “America’s Team” culture.

Thank the Dear Lord that didn’t last between the end of that game and the following day.


Draft has been my Super Bowl since birth. This is a weird circumstance.

You had one drunken weak moment and slept with someone you regret to this day. It happens.


No matter how many drunken moments you have had, we are only going to say ONE of them led to experimenting with DC4L. :rofl: