It's time for a new Mascot for the Detroit NFL team

Calling this team “Lions” is offensive. It suggests they’re dangerous in some fashion, that they are more than a speedbump on schedules.

I know if I was a Lion, I would be offended.

Let’s face it, it’s time to admit our past mistakes and select something more appropriate. Luckily, I have the perfect name.

The Detroit Pallbearers. They are ready to let you down.

Excited to see our special team wanted to see Patricia fired at the end , Coombs is ready

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The Detroit Anuses…because they are the asahole of the league, that way we can post memes like this:82d3e46fe7c13e1c21ed0586ac2faa8298ee1516e54d04355d60af2d1c5a3fd4

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Can’t think of more appropriate name than the “Detroit Edsels”. It embodies both ownership & team failure. The logo could be a picture of the car with its hood open & the engine missing!

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The new logo.

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I would say TP, but that’s a popular thing now. Maybe a mixture of waste management, with a sprinkle of NE color’s.

That’s kinda like flaunting their wealth, i mean seriously, driving around with a 12 pack of TP, it’s like hanging hundred dollar bills, right?

No kidding.

I vote for a cat of a different stripe, like polecat, because they stink.

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