I've seen people say they want the Chiefs at full strength...e.g., no asterisk. BUT....!

With two of KC players out, this isn’t an asterisk game.

It went from “nice to win” to “must win”

No way around it. If the Lions can’t win, they are suspect.

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Wow, not much respect for Mahomes or Andy Reid.

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yep andy reid is one of the best coaches in football. nothing off DC but he’s not andy reid.

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Anything can happen in nfl. The Chiefs could have some young stud players most fans have never even heard of yet. That goes for the Lions as well, we have players many KC fans likely have never heard of.

Andy Reid’s ability to scheme players open is legendary. He has a top 10 offense almost every single year. And that goes back to before he ever had Mahomes.

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Mad respect for both but I agree 100%

If Hutch and Amon-Ra weren’t playing we would be freaking the F out right now and it would almost guarantee a loss.

I’m usually on the full strength side too but F that, I just want us to win however we can. Nobody gives a shit when one of our players gets hurt or the refs peg us so if we get a weakened KC team…good.

I don’t really agree with this. The Chiefs ARE the gold standard in the NFL right now. If the Lions don’t beat the Chiefs, it simply means that Lions probably aren’t the gold standard.

This game is a great measuring stick to see where the Lions are really at. Hype meets reality tonight.


Losing this game changes nothing for me. Those who are calling it must win have expectations that are ridiculous. We are on the fringe of being a top 10 NFL team. We are on the road in one of the toughest environments vs the best player and coach on the planet right now. We haven’t accomplished shit. Calm down for ■■■■■ sakes.

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I agree with this. It isn’t a must win. It’s a “damn, that’d be a hell of a win”. I don’t think the Lions are hurt too bad if they lose because I expect them to be able to lose this game and still make the playoffs. But I think if they win, it’s can really have a greater effect than just a +1 in the W column.


Well said

■■■■ that…a win is a win….I don’t care who’s there or who’s not there….give me the W


Did you see the face on Andy when we faked the punt?
No ■■■■■■■ way!
Andy doesn’t have elephant balls.

Told someone at work today. 1 point or 50. Record book tells no lies. Don’t care.

Come on all, who in the hell said we were at full strength!!! Fans and media hate to be wrong. KC fans need to quit crying already!
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