Ja’marr Chase at 7?

Todd Mcshay thinks it could be the case:

I’d be ok with it if Parsons is gone. He’s a generational player IMO.

That said, he has us passing on my guy Fields, so I can’t say I’d agree with that pick.

I think it is highly unlikely, but more likely than taking a QB. If Golladay is not retained, a WR in the first is in play and very likely as it is not a deep group of WR’s past the first and 2nd round.
Fans that think by getting worse at the QB position is a good plan obviously can’t identify talent.

Very likely could be the pick and I would be ok with it he is a blue chip talent that makes the team better and can contribute from day 1.


Fields is just another Haskins.

Guys I like for our team

M. Parsons
J. Chase
J. Twyman


Chase is a beast, I hope there’s someone else there worthy of the pick though, taking a WR with a high 1st is not good value… But I could get behind it, better than a TE or CB, so there’s that.

Picking one if the elite WR with out #7 pick is the right move to make IMO.


I’ve seen “minor character concerns” on a pair of scouting reports regarding Chase. Any idea what that’s about?

Lazy comp IMO


Not really . your just one that wants to copy the new fade cheap dou threat QB. Fields is not it. And one might think your the lazy one trying to just copy the new fad.

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He may or may not be it but in terms of athleticism, intangibles and style of play they’re more or less in diametric opposition to one another.


That is totally inaccurate.


Yeah wait till he has to read nfl defenses. Then he will be just like every other Ohio state QB that has came to the nfl.


Haskins originally signed with Maryland before Randy Edsall was fired, then changing his mind to play for Urban Meyer – a smart move, as it turns out. He redshirted in 2015 while J.T. Barrett, Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliott were leading the Buckeyes. Haskins played in eight games the following year, completing 40 of 57 passes (70.2 percent) for 565 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception. His biggest accomplishment as a freshman was a comeback victory over Michigan, entering the game in the third quarter and leading the team to the win. Haskins stepped into the national spotlight in 2018, becoming the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and leading the team to a Big Ten title. He was also a third-team All-American and finished third in the Heisman Trophy voting, leading the nation with 4,831 passing yards and 50 touchdown passes (just eight interceptions) in 14 starts, and ranking in the top five in the FBS with a 70.0 percent completion rate (373-533).

Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate
*2018 Georgia SEC FR QB 12 27 39 69.2 328 8.4 10.5 4 0 173.7
*2019 Ohio State Big Ten SO QB 14 238 354 67.2 3273 9.2 11.2 41 3 181.4
*2020 Ohio State Big Ten JR QB 7 141 192 73.4 1906 9.9 10.7 21 6 186.7
Career Overall 406 585 69.4 5507 9.4 11.0 66 9 182.6
Georgia 27 39 69.2 328 8.4 10.5 4 0 173.7
Ohio State 379 546 69.4 5179 9.5 11.0 62 9 183.3

Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate
*2017 Ohio State Big Ten FR QB 8 40 57 70.2 565 9.9 10.5 4 1 173.1
*2018 Ohio State Big Ten SO QB 14 373 533 70.0 4831 9.1 10.3 50 8 174.1
Career Ohio State 413 590 70.0 5396 9.1 10.3 54 9 174.0

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Would prefer defense, either Parsons or Rousseau, but if they are gone, could do worse than Chase.

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I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole first round value stuff. When does a WR become good value? And with every draft class having completely different players, wouldn’t value for some guys be way higher one year, and lower the next? Should you always rate a LT or pass rusher higher? Should teams keep passing on AJ Green cause he’s not good value?
I hope I’m not coming across as being a confrontational dick, but I’m truly curious about some of these questions.
It just feels like to me, if you don’t have any LT’s or pass rushers ranked higher then say 20 on your board, should you go ahead and take anyways, cause of positional value?
(I’d take Da’Vonta. So maybe I have an agenda here. I think he could be a huge day one impact, and has as good a chance to be an all time great as anyone in the draft not named Lawrence)


You are 100% good.

I agree with your sentiment. If there is a bluechip DE or LB I can see the appeal, but I do not want to pass on a bluechip WR just to grab a position of need that isn’t as talented.

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Watch the player, not the stats.

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I’d happily drop down half a dozen draft slots to pick up an extra second rounder for this years and next years draft and end up with whichever of the top three receivers which are still left on the board.

If all three are gone then chances are one of Rousseau, Parsons, Slater or Lance should still be on the board in the early teens