Jace Billingsley refers to Lions brass as clowns

This is confirmation of what I already believed. Heard a watered down version from Diggs, and other former Lions…but, Slay is an ass?

Unemployed & overrated wideout ensures he’ll remain that way.

I mean, I don’t disagree with the FO being clowns, but still.


Lucky for him, the music pretty good.
Unlucky for the Lions. It’ll get air play.
This is why the best don’t want to come here. This is why we will have to over pay any and all Free Agents that are more than scrubs or washed up.
Hell, we over pay for washed up vets. That’s the situation.

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The Lions couldn’t care less, I’m sure.


That much, has become painfully obvious in my 52nd year of Lions Fandom.
They don’t care about winning.
They don’t care about getting cheated.
They don’t care about merchandise sales.
All they’re worried about is the gate, tv royalties, and concessions.

And the Lions brass keep cashing those nice checks or they are direct deposited…

Exactly - the guy got two years to make it and did not cut it. Nobody else picked him up. NOBODY - Instead of thanks for the opportunity he calls them out. LOL Maybe that is why he is doing B rate songs instead of playing in the NFL now.


I bet the irony of calling other people clowns via an amateur white boy rap video is probably lost on Jace.


It’s unfortunate that Jace chose the low road and thought putting pics of the FO of the team that gave you a shot to play in the NFL was a good idea.
We all had high hopes for Jace, that seed never blossomed…but he had a shot with New England as well and BB is known for making players out of nobodies and it didn’t work out there either…so I guess BB and every front office are clowns as well.
Can’t wait till he writes a book about everyone in the music industry being clowns as well for not seeing his talent as a singer.
Truth is, there’s 100 Jace Billingsleys every year trying to make a roster that never make it.
It seems Jace has some growing up to do…but it’s “all love”.

Seems like Jace could use a career coach!


Hmm, I’ve never taken a shot at rap myself. I guess now is as good of time as ever.

My man Jace can’t break the trust
Cuz’ his time here was a total bust
I ain’t losing no sleep over some weak-ass treason
From a weak-ass scrub who only played in preseason
Ya’ll can say that the Lions are run by clowns
But your rap career, like their record, is goin’ down


Auto tune country rap? LOL, holy moly that is some terrible stuff.

Did he at least come up with a catchy country rap name?

I believe it’s called Hick hop


Can find a new Billingsly every year if we wanted: Pat Edwards, Jace Billingsly, Tim Toone, Brandon Powell, Andrew Peacock…

I do like Powell still.



This organization has been a clown show for 50+ years.