Jack sanborn

Anyone else watch the bears game and wish we’d have signed this guy?

We drafted a better LBer prospect in Rd 6:

Even if the Lions wanted him, sounds like he’s from Chicago:

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I’m happy we got rodrigo. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happy to see sanborn out there next to him. We could have signed him even if he’s from Chicago. Money is a great influencer.

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I am too for the round we got him in. Hopefully he is available for the Giants game because that is the EXACT type of game we need him in. Bears, not so much. Rodrigo is a 2 down 4-3 MLB. Our 4-2-5 requires a LB that is more like a MLB/S combo. The 6’2"+ guys that have the athleticism to run with TE’s and RB’s but are still tough enough to stick their nose in there and make the tackle. There aren’t a ton of guys out there like that but that is what you need IMO to make the 4-2-5 work.

Trevor Simpson & Demarvion Overshown are a couple of guys that fit that bill.

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I’d rather play Barnes.

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Sounds like a member of the Key & Peele East West Squad.

Only if he keeps improving and staying consistent.