Jadeveon Clowey... potential steal of the FA class? (again)

OUTSTANDING 85.5 PFF rating last yr starting for the Ravens.

5th best pass-rush win rate in the NFL last yr (2023 NFL pass rush, run stop, blocking win rate rankings - ESPN)

…Brian Burns 11th. Chase Young 15th. Hunter somewhere outside the top-20 (not ranked).

31yrs old and at the statistical peak of his career. Played a yr for our new DL coach in TEN. Projected contract value of only $7.2M

The alleged wrap on him has always been “bad attitude”. But the Ravens are about the mentally toughest team in the league. And I never heard one complaint about him.

I think he’d be absolutely perfect opposite Hutch, without killing our cap


I’m interested. Last year he had 9 sacks and cost the Ravens peanuts in salary


No thank you. So he had a break out year in year 10?

He’s good for about 5 sacks a year?

Not really a breakout year… that was the 4th season he has had 9 or more sacks.

He’s never lived up to draft status… but still been a productive player. 52.5 career sacks


Clowney I’m in

Might be costly this year tho


That was good defense he was playing on. Definitely an upgrade for us though.

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His personality is not condusive with our culture. End of story. Not everyone can play in Detroit.

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Yep, almost certainly too turdy for us

Then again if he can play for the Ravens and John Harbaugh and excel!?

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You think you can be less tough and play for that Baltimore team that made us look like 5yr old girls last yr?

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They regularly take on guys we wouldn’t. Marcus Peters, Clowney, Lev Bell, etc…

We did bring in CJGJ last year. So I wouldn’t just rule Clowney out. We shall see.

Where did i say he wasnt tough enough. I did not say that. I basically said he is a turd. Remember how things ended for him in Cleveland? He quit on the team. I question his love of the sport.

CJGJ loves football. Are you sure that Clowney does? I am not.

Buy low, sell high. Signing Clowney would be buying high.

No idea. Seems to play well when motivated.

It doesn’t have to be Clowney… lots of decent edge rushers available. We gotta get 1 and I’ll be happy.

We do this every year. Clowney is more athlete than player. He hasn’t refined his skill. He’s not a better pass rusher now than he was his 2nd season in the league. He sets everyone up that’s enamored with how much of a unit he is. But he’s just a guy that is bigger and stronger. But he’s not better than most of the Edges in the NFL.

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Yet he was better than every other pass-rusher in the league besides 4 last yr.

Seems to be some irrational bias against him

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This guy has been a slacker going back to USC days. No thanks.

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