Jaguars extend T Lawrence


Woooof. That Goff contract looking better already.


The #Jaguars have reached a deal with their star QB Trevor Lawrence. Sources says they are giving the former No. 1 pick a 5-year extension worth $275M — $55M a year — with $200M guaranteed and $142M fully.

Hm. I keep hearing about people being down on him

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I think the thing with him is the little nagging injuries that pop up.
From nfltraderumors.

This certainly marks a pivotal offseason for the Jaguars, who reached a lucrative extension with Josh Allen not long after franchise-tagging their top pass rusher. New deals for Lawrence and Allen will change the equation for the Jags, who could not do too much to capitalize on their quarterback’s rookie contract. Though, the Jags had sunk low before landing Lawrence and did not begin a recovery effort until the QB’s second season, as the Urban Meyer year kept the franchise in the NFL’s basement.

Lawrence, however, has shown promise under Doug Pederson. The Clemson product best displayed his talents during the second half of the 2022 season, which brought a Jags surge to the AFC South title and a 27-point comeback over the Chargers in the wild-card round. The team did not build on this last season, collapsing down the stretch — as Lawrence battled multiple injuries — and missing the playoffs. Pederson and Trent Baalke will now be tasked with forming a winning team around a $55MM-per-year quarterback contract.

More to come.

Chance of this deal Danny Dimes-ing (Immediate Violent Regret)? 15%

Chance of this deal Patrick Mahomes-ing (Rings!) 10%

Chance of this deal Captain Kirk-ing( Lotsa Dubs, not just no rings but not even close)?50%

Chance of this deal Dakking (No explanation needed)? 25%


Every time I see Trevor Lawrence I get MMMBop stuck in my head, so don’t act like there are not reasons to be down on him.


That’s scientific-y enough for me. I think Dakking is his ceiling, though Dak would never celebrate with teammates at The Waffle House after a playoff win, so maybe I shouldn’t tar Trevor like that.


He’s a good QB. Just dealt with nagging injuries and I’m not sure the coaching staff was helping him out as much as they could have.

Maybe we are seeing a perk from all the talking heads saying Goff is a mid-tier qb.
Teams have to pay all the rest a bigger contract. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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My impression— because I don’t have facts— Is that the 2022 team got a huge talent influx because of free agency. In 2023, they didn’t spend much in free agency and Trent Baalke was once again in charge of the draft, so not much help there. Doug Pederson can be good at in-game strategy, though not so much in team motivation and the Jaguars were rudderless late in the season. Trevor got paid and will steer them to third place in the AFC South for more money than Goflf is getting.

You might wanna fact check my fact-free opinion. Or simply repeat it as gospel. Your choice… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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He’s got great hair… but what the ■■■■ has he done?

Daniel Jones 2.0

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Bet Spicoli is pissed off he wasn’t born forty years later right about now.


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Maybe they mean like this?

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Adjusted for inflation
Goff is still 5th
Lawrence is only 8th

The 2025 EST is a
5 year contract signed next offseason but is a 5 year extension from 2026-2030


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Must have been out celebrating with his buddy silent bob afterwards