Jaguars owner Shad Khan aims to build through draft: 'We cannot have this addiction to free agents'

Another franchise copying the Villain’s team-building template.


Translation: I want to drag out how long it’s going to take to be successful and provide a built in excuse…

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I want to thank Brad and Dan for giving me my fix. I was pretty strung out for a while there.

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This comes two years removed from the Jaguars spending the most money of any team in free agency.

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Yea it rarely works out well. Remember Bob Quinn throwing tons of money at guys. Jamie Collins, Jesse James, Trufant, TJ Lang, Mike Daniels, and Trey Flowers…

What a disaster. So many terrible deals. And most of them were over the hill already.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Holmes and Campbell have never acted desperately.


For sure… it’s like when the bartender says last call and you start hitting on the fat chicks… cause aint no way you’re striking out tonight. :laughing:

Maybe his son wrestling business can front them a
Little money for there free agent habit :joy:

What a lucky guy that is!