Jake Moody K

Will be the reason 49ers lose on Sunday

Oh ya, ■■■■ Brock Purdy too by the way

Little idiot irrelevant boy


We have Brock Wright. That makes any other Brock…Wrong.


Jay Cutler calls Purdy the weak link on that team.


Well I feel like Moody is solid. I know he missed a big one earlier this season. But he has quite a few years of really solid performance.

I just do not think Purdy is a big game, big time QB. And I am now of a stronger belief he will never be one. I just do not think he has it. But we will see. I get that he has some nice stats. But I still contend that there are at least 16 QBs in the NFL that would put up the same or better stats with that talent. Which to me means he is not even a top half QB.

Is it Sunday yet?

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He has been ok. Made 84% his rookie season.

4 out of 6 from 40-49
2 out of 3 over 50

If Lions are holding them to FG attempts I feel good about Sunday!

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Haha what about Brock Lesnar… Come and get it Peabody :joy::joy:

Come Get Some Brock Lesnar GIF by WWE


:boom: boom

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