Jamal Williams--tough talk


I 100% believe him. This is not coming from arrogance. Dude is speaking his truth, and he’s a GD warrior. I love his level of self-ownership. Almost everyone on our team can learn from that. This friggin’ ROOKIE will be a leader in ways that don’t show up at all on the stat sheet. He will give the entire team confidence and show them how to do what he does. The ones who are open enough to learn from it will.

Warrior energy activates other warriors. This dude is a leader…100% (despite his gang affiliation). LOLOL

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Boy, Kavyon Thibodeaux sure is an arrogant and immature character. Why would he run his mouth like this before taking a snap in the NFL?

Wait…this isn’t a Thibodeaux quote!

Never mind then…We love you Jamo!!! Go Lions!!


This wasn’t Jamo, it was Jamal Williams, but … I agree otherwise.


Jamal Williams is entering his 6th season in the NFL.
Not a rookie wantobe.

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LOL - I thought it was the other Williams. Still -what I said holds true with him as well. I just wish RB Williams had more talent. Definitely a good locker room guy.

Jameson, Jamal…close enough

Is there another James Williams we can draft next year to make it really interesting?

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LOL - FANTASTIC!!! Let’s do this…as well as trade for Javonte!

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