James “Hound Dog” Hunter

As most of you are aware James Hunter was Jaden Ivey‘s grandfather and a former first round pick of the Detroit Lions. I started watching the Lions in 1978 and remember watching James play. I also remember being devastated when he got injured. Anyway I was looking up some information on him and came across this Killer Kowalski article that I thought some of you might like. Two great guys gone way too soon. RIP fellas.


Wow… nice find man… thank you for posting this. The Killer will always be my favorite Lions beat writers and I wish he was still around… we all do I’m sure… very cool article. Although they spelled Jaden wrong in the article

RIP to both these dudes… again, thanks for posting this.


Grandfather, not father.

Yep you are correct, grandfather. Fixed it.

I figured for sure this thread was going to be about this guy…

Bounty Hunter Dog GIF by DefyTV

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It’s a curse of this franchise that many of our most promising players or best players are always the ones that get their careers cut short by injury.