James Houston's window expires today

This feels like it needs to be discussed. My meme topic failed, evidently.

Anyway, they need to either put him on IR by this evening, which would end his season, or activate him, and then cut someone from the 53-man roster (Cabinda can go, IMO).

Anyway, I get that it’s in the coaching staff’s hands, so … reaaaaaaaaally pulling for Da Problem today.


I’m hoping he’s able to make the 53 man too. And that if he can play the coaching staff doesn’t ask him to anything other than what he is good at.


Listen to Campbell, he’s not getting activated. He feels he’s healthy enough, but he barely made the roster this year and they’re not going to do it. See you next year, maybe.


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If the lions don’t activate him I think a lot of people are going to lose their minds.

Remember that the staff has more experience and information than we do.


That isn’t what Dan or Aaron said.


Yea I’ve been watching for some news all day. Really hoping he’s able to play.

If he can’t provide more benefit then the dude they’d have to cut, then he must NOT be adding enough value in whatever physical state he’s in even if he’s “healthy”. I feel pretty confident the coaching staff will be able to make that assessment. Houston must NOT be the slam dunk value add we all from the outside looking in think he is though. Otherwise it would be a really easy call to make. If you cut Cabinda to make room for Houston what value add are you losing not having Cabinda (special teams)?

In the pre season and game one he was given about 10 opportunities to rush. It was a small sample size but I only saw him get pressure on one of them. I’m wondering if he regressed somehow. We also now have Hutch lining up in a wide 9 stance more often which is what you’d expect they’d do for Houston.

I would have to think that firkser is likely less inpactful than houston, or maybe the same impact because baring a terrible issue with laporta or wright, the dude will play 0 snaps.

That is a tricky situation. If you cut Cabinda, do you offer refunds to thousands of Lions fans who bought tickets for this weekend? Or do you tell them “tuff shit, life happens” and move on?

Why would you trust the staff, they picked Charles Harris over Houston? And some tried to justify that at the start of the year, many in fact on this site. I’m still laughing about that. And Houston was not playing the same position, he was rushing as a LB which is not his strength. And no I wouldn’t line him up in a wide 9, I’d have him doing what he did in 2022 which wasn’t the wide 9.

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LOL, dude, you know we just won a playoff game and are playing at home Sunday, right? Excuse me if I trust the staff more than your “observations”.


They put Jacobs and Mitchell on IR last week and didn’t sign anyone else to the active roster, aside from elevating Firkser and Lucas, who can be sent back to the PS, so there is a spot waiting for him on the 53 without further cuts.

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Cabinda is on the practice squad. Cutting him won’t do anything to help with Houston. I think they should cut Steven Gillmore and resign him to the practice squad. I can’t imagine anyone is chomping at the bit to add him to their 53 man roster at this point as an UDFA with 0 regular season experience.

My gut tells me that Houston will not be activated, but not because he’s not healthy enough to play.

Hope I’m wrong.

I just watched Campbell’s press conference and he said nothing about it.

Leaf is doing a lot better, and we should know by Friday is he’s playing.

LaPorta is feeling much better now, versus where he was at last week at this time.

I was disappointed that nobody asked about Houston.

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Last year Houston was dominanting in practice. Decker mentioned this a couple times last year.

If that were the case right now I’m pretty sure he gets activated. This all points to he’s not looking great post surgery IMO

We will have the final answer soon


Either that, or the coaches have a severe vendetta against him…

…for some reason…

…they don’t play good players that will help them win because…reasons

That’s the theory I keep hearing anyway