James Robinson traded to the Jets

Robinson tore his Achilles last year.

This board would freak out if Holmes gave up any pick for a player with an injury history… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Its only okay when other teams do it.

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Not going to lie, I completely forgot about the Achillies injury Robinson had last year. You guys are right.

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I do feel I need a breather from the ‘injured stud’ thing. I get the theory, build for the future, blah blah… It’s just brutal right now. It makes me not want to watch the games.

Could it all work if everyone came back and hit potential? (Jamo, Levi, Walker, Swift, Vaitai, Romeo, etc) Sure. Like, all of those guys coming back would transform this team. But will it happen? Who knows.

Just get some guys who can actually play on Sundays. It’ll be a nice change up.

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The Jets use a 6th round pick on a young, proven RB in Robinson.

The Lions will use the 6th round pick on a Safety from Albion that has a patellar tendons from a cadaver.


The achilles injury is real tough… there has never been a RB in history come back and play well for more than a couple games after an achilles tear that I can name. Maybe someone else has an example of one!?

This quote is telling as well…

Robinson, a third-year pro who lost his starting job to former Clemson star Travis Etienne two weeks ago, “still needs to pass a physical” Jaguars coach Doug Pederson said Monday that the running back has been dealing with “lower-body issues, mostly in his knees right now.”

Or a 6th round pick for a quality backup quarterback like minshew last year?

I fail to see the logic of trading future assets to bring in someone that is going to be short-term and will not get you to the playoffs. If we are trading, it needs to be with an eye for the future because our present isn’t going to be competing for a championship.

You are paying millions to players while the fans spend millions more….

You can’t keep feeding them Losses. As they said during a broadcast a couple weeks ago, they’re building their culture on winning. Dusty britches and buried game-tape will get you only so far. When you spend your time during the week insisting that you are committed to the players and winning, to be taken seriously you need to do something like this.

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