James Robinson traded to the Jets

Should help them replace Hall.

Jets acquired RB James Robinson from the Jaguars.

The Jaguars get a late-round pick. It’s a move that makes sense for both sides after Robinson played just 12 snaps in Week 7 and didn’t register a touch while the Jets lost rookie sensation Breece Hall to a season-ending torn ACL. In New York, Robinson will slide right in next to Michael Carter in the Jets’ backfield duo. This move is also huge for Travis Etienne in Jacksonville, locking him in as the RB1. JaMycal Hasty figures to move up the depth chart to fill RB2 duties for the Jaguars. Robinson’s fantasy arrow is back pointing upward.

I wish we could trade for people when our people get injured instead of just blaming injuries and tanking seasons.

Like we really couldn’t part with a 6th round pick for Robinson with Swift now out for 4 weeks??



im not shocked
jets are 5-2, they are trying to make the playoffs

question is what they gave up for him

Edit: they traded a 6th that could turn into a 5th


I wondered why I got 0 points from him yesterday on my FF team. Now it makes a lot more sense…but also lost me my game.

Kareem Hunt is the next one, where is he going.

i know robinson has dealt with injuries a bit

but with michael carter in the backfield, jets running game is now in a good spot again

Swift is out for four more weeks or has been?

Idk about Hunt. I think his “incident” has hurt his value alot. Teams have had a couple years to try and trade for him. He can definitely play and I wouldn’t be upset if we ended up with him.


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I would trade a 6th that could turn into a 5th for Hunt. Similar to Robinson’s deal.

Travis Etienne rushing for over 100 yards at 8 yards per carry didn’t help.

Out vs. Seattle
Out vs. NE
Bye week, but would have been out
Out vs. Dallas

Ok, that is what I thought, just making sure it wasn’t another four weeks and I missed the news somehow.

It very well might be… we got a long season. And a fragile swift.


Didn’t Robinson tear his achilles last year!? I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I’ve never seen a RB come back from an achilles tear and have any real success.


He’s basically Jamaal. No thx.

Like that’s a bad thing? If we had 25 guys with Jamal’s attitude, skill, and heart starting every week, we’d win the Super Bowl easy.
You heard!

I don’t think a second Jamaal changes our fortunes. We need juice back there when Swift is out. I hope we find somethinh in round 5ish next year.

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I would generally agree with this but at 1-5 and with Williams doing well in that role (fumble notwithstanding), not really much of a point right now. Keep in mind too that Hall is out for the season while Swift could come back any week now. The Jets HAD TO do something.