Jameson Williams a full go at Lions practice


Awwwww yeah

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Would like to see this a couple times…

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I’ve been sayin “Breakout” since December rolled around, its time!!!

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He’s averaged about 50 yards per game over the last 3 games he’s played. How about a 100 burger.

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Here is my take on our offense, in this game…

Jamo just had 11 of his 24 catches in weeks 15-17, and it only took 15 targets… those 3 games also account for 159 of his 354 yards.

That would be an 85 targets… 63 catch… 901 yard run rate for a season… I nice and explosive WR2- with great snap/target to yards efficiency… He’s on the same productivity per attempt clip that Brandin Cooks was in 18’…

I expect the combo of Wright, Mitchell, and Jamo to get about 9 targets on Sunday… not much different than Laporta, Wright, and Jamo the first 9 games Jamo played?

Goff is INSANELY effective throwing to Wright and Mitchell as well- it’s 8.1 yards per target to Wright, 10.2 yards per target to Mitchell… and the last 3 games of Jamo being fully involved were over 10.1 yards per target… DPJ is also at 10 yards per target the last 5 games…

These are small sample sizes, but Jamo is more effective per target right now than Reynolds… DPJ is as effective per target as Leaf… Wright and Mitchell are more efficient per target than Laporta.

— the most inefficient? Force feeding short and obvious screens to Gibbs. He’s at like 70 targets for 300 yards… PUKE

R White has same targets, 10 more catches, and 170 more yards than Gibby…

I think Ben was trying to force feed Gibby and Sam a bit too much at times

Yea it really has seemed Goff is finally starting to trust him and the chemistry is improving at the perfect time.

Hopefully we get him a couple runs as well on jet sweeps or reverses

That gives me an idea for a new pole - sorry, I mean poll.


Make it a really large poll, with a lot of options, so that it is incredibly long. But make it tough to answer by making the question really, really hard!

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This game is the reason he was drafted. Hope he comes through for us.


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