Jameson Williams among Lions’ most-improved players: ‘He’s getting better’


He’s getting better for sure. He may never be worth the 12th pick but he’s at least showing that he’s not a bust and can make plays when given the opportunity.

Huge year for him next year because we will have to decide on his 5th year option after year 3. He would have to really breakout for us to pick it up. Hopefully it’s a breakout year.


There’s no reason why he can’t be an 80 touch, 1200 yard, 6-8 TD player, even in this offense. Ben needs to make Jamo a consistent threat and find easy ways to get him involved with end arounds, quick screens, and drag routes. It’s hard to get consistency with him running mostly deep routes.


I saw Jamo grow up during the season. He’s gonna be a monster next year. If he gets with Goff during the off season it will tell us a lot.


Along with DPJ, I think he’s a great #3 threat.

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This kind of cracks me up. They say “He’s getting better” about ever week for the last two years. Guessing at least stated 25 times. My math says that if he’s better than the prior 25 times mentioned, he should be 1st ballot HOF by now.:joy:

I think Jamo is kinda like Gibbs was, I think the staff is just trying to figure out how to use him part of the reason he isn’t getting more looks. Gibbs took some heat for the start but he expoaled once they figured out how to use him and he got more looks.


If reynolds isnt back expect jamo to get all that production plus added to his plate.

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Good that Jameson Williams is getting better, need him to be with Josh Reynolds getting worse

That would mean we most likely would have to have 3 1000 yard receivers and that has only happened 5 times in the history of the NFL.
Here are 2023 targets with yards for our receivers (I left off the single digit guys)
If we assume Jamo takes Reynolds spot then he could get to 80-100 targets
But I don’t see him getting to 80 receptions and sure don’t see him getting to 1200 yards
They would have to take some receptions away from St Brown or LaPorta and I don’t see that. Those 2 guys move the chains and more.

Now we could have Goff throw more but I don’t think that would be a good idea to unbalance our balanced attack.

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Our offense could look a lot like San Francisco’s with Gibbs, Jamo and LaPorta playing the McCaffrey, Ayiuk and Samuel roles.

Of course we also have to feed Montgomery as well.

We run the ball too much to ever have more than 2 1K receivers (and I’m okay with that).


I did qualify it with 80 touches and 1200 yards. 1-2 carries and 3-4 catches per game is reasonable for him.

If we really want to unlock the offense, Jamo has to be featured more. It will only lead to more open space for Laporta and Amon Ra.

We can fairly assume Laporta is only going to get better, but 1k yards is tough to get unless he’s got 100+ catches. He could get there but it’ll be tough.

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Holy crap!

Who remembers Marvin Jones was on the team this year?


LOL! Totally forgot about Marvin Jones.


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With all due respect you’re clearly speaking from an emotional standpoint. JR has been money all year and JG loves him. As I said before; worst day to have his worst game of the season.

Guy catches nothing but first downs or touchdowns for this team.

  1. Sun God was such a frikkin beast. Holy schnikes!

  2. Jamo will be Reynolds, DPJ might be Jamo, as far as target share I mean.

That said, Jamo.with 40 catches seems low. I imagine Sun God will get more and more attention and 119 catches is probably his peak output. Also, Jamo.pribably steals a littleml from Raymond.

Catch share

ARSB 108
LaPorta 75
Jamo 55
Gibbs 45
Khalif 40
Other TE 30/Sewell/Ragnow/Skip
Monty 25
Misc DpJ/Green type guys 35

413 completions above, 407 last yr.


I think that all sounds right.
So Jamo at 55 receptions is less than 800 yards
He might avg 15 per

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Thats 825…and 15 might be light,.as it was pointed out in previous days…Jamos TDs are half the time breakaways that so far have happened 40-50 yards away or shorter…I expect a few from deep in our end…

I mean…hear me out…

What if Eberything Gows Right?

(This BTW was the unofficial motto of Roatan, Honduras as we were there last week on the ship)

What if Jamo spends his First Full Offseason+Camp making big strides (heh) in chenistry w Goff on deep shots, hands and starts to get a #2 WR target volume?


What if Everything Goes Right?

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