Jameson Williams and Lions happy to be home: ‘We do big things in prime time’

Hopefully are home playoff game is the MNF spot for wildcard weekend

big things like…be the thanksgiving turkey?

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To me, this is a must-win game.

They lose this and the wheels could truly come off.


Agree. World of difference going into the last game 10-4, a six game gap between Ws and Al’s, and 9-5, a four game gap, with just 3 to play.

They need to squash any hopes the Vikings and/or Packers have of winning the division.

Plus, 10 wins guarantees the Lions will be no worse than the 3rd seed because they hold the head to head tiebreaker over every single NFC South contender, none of whom can get to 10 wins without running the table.

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Must win. Sweep AFC West and all the things @FreebirdPartDeux mentioned

If we lose, we will just have to knock minny out ourselves then next week

And beat Dallas.

Expose them that they ain’t dem boys

We are Americas Team

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“We do big things…”

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Jamo is a bust. I just read in another thread we have a den member who can lock his ass down in coverage lmao :joy::joy:

With that said I may be 41 years old but I’m still way better than Jack Campbell. Put me in coach. :laughing:

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Lions head coach Dan Campbell said of Williams on Monday. “So, we’ll keep working to find some different ways to get him more involved because he is, he’s putting the work in and he’s improving and – but he’s really no different than Saint.

Umm, whatever you say, coach!


Hohoho, “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.”

Loved the football player Jamo out of Alabama

Was apprehensive about the young kid and his maturity level 2 years ago

Each day, each interview, each quote I read…he grows on me a little more. He just wants to play the game of football and compete. I am one of those, like most of us, who tries to decipher every word or every moment of this kids career, looking for something more.

He’s just a kid wanting to play a game.

I’m glad Jamo is a Lion. Even if his production doesn’t match that of a #12 overall pick (right now).


And for the opposite point of view:

The thing that impresses me most with Jamo is his willingness to block. Dude is a beast, and was helped break many big plays. That’s the kind of guy you want, no diva crap and willing to do the dirty work. Obviously not worth his draft position at the moment, but I could care less about that now. Not worth the time and effort to cry about the past that can’t be changed.

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That was an “aster-rick” prime time little thing

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