Jameson Williams liked a tweet suggesting the Detroit Lions should sign Lamar Jackson

It’s good to have you back Wolf!!!


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Yes Sir. Welcome Back! :rofl:

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March 8…. Jamo likes tweet about Lamar coming to Deteoit.

sometime near end of March… NFL investigation occurs.

Did Goff report gambling to NFL??? :thinking::hushed::face_with_raised_eyebrow::man_shrugging::sunglasses:

Happy Kenan Thompson GIF

i’m kidding…. kind of a little bit…

That was my last heart. JW fault. He took my hearts.

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Lol for sure if I was a betting man this is what happened. Some employee was disgruntled so they snitched on fellow employees. During internal investigation it was discovered that players had been gambling as well

So most QBs with 2-1 or better TD int ratios stay in the nfl long term…. Especially against top comp… aka playoffs

On the other hand- it’s rare for anyone with a sustained pattern of 1 td to 1.75 turnovers get more than a few starts. I did include his rushing TD to be fair.

In the playoffs the good teams have chosen to stop him from running.

In my opinion the NFL game plans worse than any professional sports league. It’s why Bill B and Andy Reid have had such sustained success. They game plan to each opponents weakness- as much or more than to their own strength.

What Lamar did in 2019 was insane season Lamar
Had. By 2020 teams had film on him, his tendencies, and they adapted to the tune of knocking his TDs down
nearly 33% with ints going up 33%…

His one playoff win… the Ravens d allowed 30 yards rushing (24 to D Henry) and 180 yards passing.

Ok now what do you think. Let’s add the latest

Gambling and 6 game suspension .
Smells like poop.

LOL - he was giving him betting advice before he reported.

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