Jameson Williams plans to be here a long time


We can talk about whether we still this kid lives up to his draft status, but how can you not love this guy. He really got a bad rap around here for much of nothing. He clearly was a little immature, even by his own admission, but he was 21 years old.

I hope he is here for a long time too.


Still reading the article but this caught my eye, something I hadn’t thought of and had to be really cool and exciting for Jamo.

For the first time, Williams on Sunday was introduced to the Ford Field crowd individually with the rest of the offensive starters. He may have gotten the second-loudest reaction behind only Goff.

“It gave me a little confidence boost,” Williams said. “It just got me ready to go.”


I think ‘a little immature’ may have been a compliment (or at least a pretty big understatement) for me at that age…

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He’s still immature in what he does on the field. He seems so out of control at times. It’s like he’s not really in full control of what his body is doing.

It will be interesting to see how the offseason goes in the WR room.

I think we all expect an ARSB extension. Jamo/Khaliff/Green under contract. Reynolds is a FA. If he gets a huge offer elsewhere it will be hard for Detroit to match despite how important he’s been this season. If he goes, Jamo moves up to the #2 spot and we probably sign a lower priced FA and maybe a 3rd day draft pick.

If we can get Reynolds for a decent price, then the band stays together for another year.


Reynolds is very important to the team. I assume we will draft in the defence so would be great to keep him. Jamo needs to step up. A lot of teams have 2 elite WRs

I think Jamo had growing up to do this off-season. Even come training camp I still think his mindset wasn’t where it should have been. I’m not sure if it was during his time away from the team because of the suspension, but something clicked. I remember watching a Jamo interview earlier this year and he talked about having to mature and change the way he did things.

Going into the off-season with that mindset, we are likely to see a much different Jamo come the 2024 season.

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And that the truth. Never went to jail though :raised_hands:

Ain’t that the truth.

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