Jameson Williams’s Hands

I don’t know if he’s hitting the Jugs machine with ARSB, but props to JAMO today. He’s been catching everything thrown his way.


May sound cliche, but he looks like a legit NFL threat. On many levels. He’s maturing…


Hopes he’s okay after that last catch.


He’s a game changer. Watching him and Gibbs accelerate is just different.


Comment in the Freep on how he is one of the guys staying after practice with Teddy to continue to work.

His work habits haven’t been an issue.


Just from the way he talks it’s obvious he loves the game. I’m glad it seems like it’s all coming together for him.


That did scare the hell out of me.

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Wonder how much seeing what Gibby has done has helped his development?


Gibbs was special today. He has just slowly been ascending as the season has gone on and is playing like one of the 5 best backs in the league.

Jamo seems so close to that big game. Goff and him were just barely off on a deep ball today. He just seems to keep getting better. He will be hitting his stride cone playoff time.

Let’s also talk about the rookie TE who is setting records and just scored 3 TDs today.

This offense is just so dangerous when they are on.


Sh!t just needed to slow down for him.

Now he needs more opportunities.


What are you talking about? He’s called Jamo Jugs around these parts


I think he’s just getting his confidence back where it should be.


I’ll say this about his hands. It’s almost like they told him there would be a fine. Like a dollar in the swear jar. He hasn’t dropped shit lately.


I think they pay ppl to throw footballs at him all throughout the day in random moments.
-He comes out of the bathroom stall and someone rifles a football at him.
-He is carrying his tray in the cafeteria and someone screams his name and fires a football at him
-He gets out of his car in the morning, and someone rifles a football at him.
-He wakes up in the morning and while reaching for the alarm, someone fires one from 6 feet away

He’s catching footballs all throughout the day now.

Like Justin Jefferson in The Program not being allowed to fumble the ball and they tried him in class, in the yard, etc. I get it. The hard approach.


I will say his explosiveness is unreal. He will never be unlocked unless we get a QB with a stronger arm. That is not a slight at Goff, as we are going to win this division, but Jameson needs a Michael Vick type of arm to unlock him.

He showed up on the 3qrt catch. Unreal catch. We have not seen that from him. He didnt even show that at Alabama. Glad. So glad.

Do you really believe that?

Yes. Just because a QB doesnt have elite arm strength does not mean theyre not gonna win anything.

What did Michael Vick win?

And he lasted how long?

He was quick to scramble and never won anything.

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After re-watching the game, I would really like to see what Jamo could do on punt returns.

I love Raymond, but he does very little in that department.

I mean do you really believe that your statement was not a slight on Goff?

His arm strength is just fine.

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